Indeed, what is the Blue Waffle Disease? Our latest metres are quite ‘rich’ in diseases, so to read. As the time goes buy, in that location are more umteen and more umteen new diseases that are observed, studied and covered. In That Location are those that are follows took, butRead More →

Looking for the ultimate cannabis / fruit cross? Look no further than Barneys Blue Cheeses seeds. Basically, this variety of cannabis plant is a cross between the standard Big Buddha Cheese and a blueberry plant, which makes a combination which is sweet to the taste, and ever sweeter to theRead More →

Deep blue oceans, clear skies, white beaches, swimming, sailing and snorkelling; does that sound like a promising family vacation ? Well it sure does, theres all this and a lot more that Panama city beach offers. Florida beckons all vacationers with the promise of a fun- filled, adventurous and excitingRead More →