Lean Maintenance Operations with ERP Integrated Asset Management


The art of juggling requires a great deal of expertise, tact, alertness and adaptability. Similarly, manufacturing and industrial enterprises have to skillfully maintain the right balance between inventory, employees, supply chain partners, equipment, and supplies. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is an integrated computer software application that is used for handling the internal and external resources of an enterprise. This includes human resources, financial assets, materials and other tangible resources. The purpose of ERP is to allow the free flow of information within the various organizational functions and also maintain connections with external stakeholders.

Maintenance management

Asset and maintenance management software provides automated and streamlined solutions for efficient handling of your organization’s assets. A completeCMMS(Computerized Maintenance Management Software) system also deals with the allocation and scheduling of work, tracking the resource time, cost allocation and chargeback, and provides visibility into future demands. CMMS can also manage preventive maintenance programs that create triggers based on machine usage or calendar periodicity. In addition, a CMMS system provides automatic reporting, notifications, and analysis on all aspects of maintenance operations, including work order schedules,asset productivity, usage, value and repair, labor productivity and maintenance work order history.

Why Lean Maintenance?

 “Lean” is a concept that has been applied to manufacturing operations to reduce costs, improve the quality of production and eliminate inefficiencies in the operation of the business. In the realm ofAsset Management, “lean” is defined as the elimination of inefficiencies in the maintenance management process and the preservation of optimal asset utilization and uptime. In industrial plant operations, failure of any operational unit means interlinked or dependent units will be affected negatively as well.

ERP Integrated Asset Management

Asset management software that integrates seamlessly with an ERP provides solutions that facilitate data exchange between critical functions, such as work requests, purchasing, inventory and preventive maintenance scheduling. MRO supplies can be managed by maintenance personnel while giving visibility into re-order demands, costs, and vendors to the ERP and financial system. Inventories can be shared and made visible for all locations to minimize redundancies and reduce lead times.

Equipment and machine utilization efficiencies rise by making visible upcoming PM schedules on assets, or by making visible production driven downtime or off-line periods for assets or work cells.

Incorporating and allocating maintenance costs into the factory operating model, more accurate costs of goods values are achieved. In addition, visibility and reporting of costs and incident details related to asset downtime events and history allow improved communication and information sharing between maintenance personnel and operations.

ERP integrated asset management software addresses both, the maintenance, and the operations challenges of industrial plants and enterprises. With comprehensive and visible asset tracking, and reporting of demand, costs, usage, and planning schedules, lean maintenance operations are achieved, organizational resources are better utilized, and cross departmental functions are more closely aligned.


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