Staying Healthy With The Bread Glycemic Index

The bread glycemic index enables health conscious people to choose the right bread for the diet plan. Different kinds of breads have different values in the glycemic index. Some breads have high glycemic values while other breads have low glycemic value. Low bread glycemic index bread has a value of 50 and under. High glycemic index bread has a value of 70 and above. Examples of breads that are low in simple carbohydrate include multi grain, whole grain, rye, sour dough, soy, pumpernickel and pita. Breads that are high in simple carbohydrates include, white and baguette. Baguettes and bagels have some of the highest index scores e.g. a regular baguette has a value of 95 out of the 100 scale.

Multi grain is nutritious and it consists of several types of grain. Multi grain bread is a perfect, and much healthier, alternative to the white because it has a low glycemic value. When shopping make sure you check the ingredient label. The bread should be made from 100% whole grains. The higher the amount of grains used to make it, the healthier it is for your body. Loaves with a high amount of grains has a low bread glycemic index score. Rye contains an index score of 48. You can use rye as sandwich bread. You can add vegetables and fruits in the rye sandwich to increase the nutritional value.

Sourdough also has relatively low carbohydrate content. It undergoes the fermentation process so it tastes sour. Sourdough breads can increase the energy level in your body. It is made up of complex carbohydrates instead of simple carbohydrates. In addition, sourdough is rich in fiber. Fiber aids in the food digestion. Certain breads that are made from sourdough have high bread glycemic value and can raise the sugar level in the blood.

Soy bread and pumpernickel bread are also high in fiber. These breads are rarely used as breakfast foods but they are quickly becoming popular in America. You can buy whole wheat breads from the local departments store and grocery store. It is better to eat whole wheat bread because it does not increase the amount of fat in your body. If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, you can follow the low carb diet. Besides following the menu in the low carb diet, you should also add other low glycemic bread into your daily meal. The type you choose can have either low bread glycemic index or low glycemix load.

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