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How many professional weight loss products have you heard of that promise all kinds of miracle results? Whether you have or have not, there are some important things that everyone who is interested in losing weight must know. These drops are homeopathic, diluted Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which has been dubbed as The Pregnancy Hormone. These formulas are very diluted and are oral remedies that assist the body in detoxifying itself as well as managing obesity when it is used with a low calorie diet. These regimens used to cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, but they worked for men and women alike.

HCG is the hormone that is found in pregnant women, and it actually is what is responsible for turning home pregnancy tests positive. Although these different remedies have been found to be safe and effective, many people may be leery about taking such a supplement, especially men. First of all, pregnant women have huge amounts of this hormone present in their bodies, but when people are taking HCG diet drops it is a very low, diluted concentration.

There are three different types of fat that are stored in the body: abnormal fat, structural fat and normal fat. Structural fat protects the organs of the body. Normal fat is that which is found in places like the pads of our hands and feet. Abnormal fat is the stuff everyone hates and everyone struggles to lose. This is just excess fat that is found in all the wrong places. When the hypothalamus is stimulated, the body releases this abnormal fat, allowing it to be burned as energy very quickly. This is part of what HCG diet drops do to help people lose weight. The drops are to be taken in conjunction with a very low calorie diet. In fact, usually it is recommended that people only eat 500 calories per day!

So you are wondering how on earth anyone can survive on only 500 calories with professional weight loss products such as this, right? The trick is that without the drops, with only 500 calories a day the metabolism would shut down, thinking that the body was starving. Plus, without the drops, people would be absolutely hungry all day, they would be tired and very cranky! However, what the drops do is to totally decrease the appetite so that eating only 500 calories is much easier. Also, they stimulate the different parts of the brain to use body fat for energy instead of storing it. In addition, professional weight loss products such as HCG diet drops and many others also provide extra energy to combat lethargy, so this is why they are so effective in helping people to lose weight and not feel hungry, tired, cranky or depressed.

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