Uterine Fibroids – 10 Ways To Help You Shrink Fibroids

Change the way you eat by eliminating certain foods

(1) Fast for 3 days on juices – (if unsure whether you are healthy enough to undergo 3 days of fasting, confirm with your doctor or nutritionist). It worked for me which is why I am letting you know of my experience. If you are good to go, turn all your vegetables and salad consumptions into juices and feel the difference within 7 days. This will be a combination of juicing and eating sensibly.

(2) Have a colonic irrigation and/or a kidney or liver cleansing program to get rid of the toxins. Colonic irrigation – has the capability of washing the colon clean – hence removing all toxins from the intestines. Kidney and live cleansing program – flushing all out the unwanted poisons and toxins before you start your journey on life change.

(3) Stop drinking alcohol – which is full of toxins and yeast therefore helps the fibroids grow bigger and we all know that alcohol is not healthy for us anyway!

(4) Eat more fruit and vegetables – instead of white bread, rice and pasta as often as possible during the day and still lose weight – no longer having to just eat 3 times a day

(5) Cut out all red meat – difficult to digest – flesh food – full of toxins – eating too many flesh foods – as much as they are enjoyable, they will not assist in transforming your body as they will impede with the detoxification process and no doubt slow down your body’s ability to changing for the better.

Red meats are very concentrated proteins and low water foods. For effective detoxification and efficient fat-loss you need to make sure that 70% of what you eat comes from the high water foods such as raw fruits, vegetables and sprouts.

(6) Cut out all sweet foods. No more biscuits, pastries, cakes, sugared foods or cereals, sweets. You get the gist? You and I both know what damage sweet foods can do for our teeth and our wellbeing if eaten in abundance.

(7) No more dairy products! No milk cheese – all products are pasteurized. Cows milk is not healthy for us – a lot of us suffer with phlegm from the intake of milk and if milk needs to be consumed, try drinking soya milk instead as the milk still has the calcium you need and can be replaced instead of animal milk. You can even make your own cheese if you are adventurous to do so! How about almond cheese!

(8) Take organic herbal supplements – what nutrients you may be lacking because of the elimination of chicken and red meat (your proteins and other nutrients) these will be in the organic herbal supplements – making sure that you receive your daily intake of all the necessary and vital properties. You will obviously obtain all the necessary vitamins from the fruit and vegetables and the fish and organic chicken that you are now consuming, but its for your own added benefit to make sure that you are filled with all the correct and important nutrients that you body needs.

(9) Drink plenty of water and herbal teas – cutting out all the fizzy drinks and implementing water and herbal teas will be a perfect switch from non gassy drinks to relaxing teas.

(10) Drink plenty of vegetable juices – juicing fruit and vegetables is another very important part in your journey to good health and vitality. The more you can juice, the more you will feel energized – full of strength, life, vivacity and greatness as juicing encourages you to eat more vegetables at one occasion and not having to pile all 5 vegetables onto your plate at once!

Source by Dee Francis

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