Benefits of Bitter Gourd Juice

Bitter gourd is also called Balsam Pear in English. Primarily, it is known to reduce sugar levels in diabetic patients. Though it is not a scrumptious vegetable to consume in any form for many people, it is highly nutritious and beneficial for our well being. It contains a broad spectrum of antibacterial properties, whereas it is also known as an antibacterial and antiviral herb.

According to various scientific investigations, bitter juicing releases a substance called Map 30 which is highly effective for the treatment of various kinds of cancers and benign tumors, alongside AIDS and HIV as well.

Gourd juice purifies blood naturally, cures acne and helps in weight loss. The juice contains beta-carotene twice as much as in broccoli, calcium, twice of that in spinach and potassium and twice of that in bananas. The juice is full of vitamins B1, B3, vitamin C and phosphorus. It is also rich in dietary fiber which is why it is suggested as a herbal supplement.Bitter Goud is also known as “Bitter melon”

Benefits of Bitter Gourd Juice

Bitter juice is a natural cure for many health problems especially for diabetes. Below are some health benefits associated with Karela juicing.

1. Diseases

Bitter melon juice is highly effective for patients of jaundice and cholera. Patients should drink two teaspoons of bitter melon juice every day. Day time is suggested as the best time to drink the juice. The juice also treats different fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and ring worn infection.

2. Blood Purifier

Bitter gourd juice cures different blood disorders, and cures toxemia and blood boils. Besides curing blood disorders, it also diminishes all types of skin irritation. karela juice is not easy to drink because of its bitter taste, so you can add honey and lemon in the juicer along with karela for flavor.

3. Immunity

Bitter melon juice kills various micro organisms present in the digestive system and blood and perks up stamina as well. Its juice is also known as the “powerhouse of energy”. It can lower down the effects of alcohol as well. It also works as a detoxifier and cures all internal disorders.

4. Diabetes

This juice secretes natural insulin known as hypoglycemic compound that lowers the level of sugar in the blood. It also improves the presence of glucose in the blood.

5. Respiratory disorders

A few drops of bitter juice gradually diminish respiratory disorders like bronchitis, asthma and pharyngitis.

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