Prostate Healed – My Testimony to the Power of the Raw Food Diet

One day, I came across a little paperback volume called “Raw Vegetable Juices “by N W Walker. Dr Walker was an amazing man, who pioneered around the turn of the century, a Juicer (still being marketed today) and really the whole concept of extracting the juice from vegetables and fruits. In this way, he sought to get at the “essence”and dispose of the residual pulp, (basically just cellulose) thereby reducing the energy required to digest the foods. That would allow the body to obtain all the rich vitamins and minerals it needs for health and vitality.

Walker also made a deep study of the effects of these juices on the bodies of sick people. He found that the food enzymes, which are complex substances that enable us to digest food properly, are hidden in the plants, and are released through the method of juicing in abundance.

The juicing method, and consuming mainly raw plant foods(uncooked-unprocessed) caught on with many American’s in the 60’s and 70’s, soon after, influencing Britain and Western Europe, and claims of all kinds of healing benefits were soon becoming apparent.

I will spare you a more detailed analysis of all that Dr Walker discovered. You can easily obtain his writings by doing a Google search on the Internet, or via Amazon.

As a Christian, and a firm believer in the power of God to heal, naturally I sought prayer from my friends and church family. I also decided to give juice therapy a try, too as my part.

I stopped eating an almost completely cooked diet, the usual “meat and two veg. ” British meals regime, and introduced my sick body to several pints of carrot juice daily, in tandem with green leafy salads, with tomatoes, celery, cucumber various peppers and so forth.

All this nutrient rich raw food, began to markedly improve my health, and very quickly too. The pain began to ease, and my energy levels shot up. At no time did I take any kind of medication, pain killers or anything of that ilk.

Within 5 weeks, all pain had long gone and my prostate problem was history. Other benefits such as clearer skin, glossier hair, and better quality sleep were delightful unexpected bonuses!

I was blown away with the results! From that time on (25 years ago now as I write this) I have settled on a mainly 70 per cent raw food lifestyle.

My overall health is good, and my appearance, so I am told, is that of a man 10 years younger than my true age.

For that I thank God, whom I truly believe led me to the understanding and practice of a diet that could really be called the “original”. You can find it in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, (which means “the beginning”) where Adam and Eve’s diet is “the herbs of the field… “and fruits. Nothing cooked, no animal flesh.

So, that is my brief testimonial. Today, I write extensively about the whole subject of raw foods and healthy living on many online magazines, and on my blog.


Source by Kenneth Eden

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