Hurom HU 100 Slow Juicer – Warning About This Hurom Juicer

I didn’t mean to get all dramatic on you but I am really excited about what I have to tell you about the Hurom HU 100 slow juicer. You must be very careful once you get this appliance in your hand. You may go juice crazy. This is not just a good juicer it is a great juicer. You will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of single auger masticating juicer but you won’t have to take up all of that space.

I know that space isn’t all that you are worried about with a Hurom HU 100 slow juicer so let’s go ahead and talk a little bit more about this product and why you must be very careful not to get addicted to how easy it is to juice just about anything!

If you want more juice and pulp that is very dry then the Hurom HU 100 slow juicer is exactly what you are looking for because it offers dual stage juicing. What goes on is that the juice is taken out through the first stage of crushing but before the pulp is ejected it will be squeezed (this is the second stage). Since it has dual stage juicing you will get more juice! More juice means that you save money on your grocery bill so this machine is already paying for itself.

Now that you know that this Hurom HU 100 slow juicer can save you money, how about time? If you have many different things that you want to juice if you have to clean your juicer by yourself you may spend quite a bit of time doing this. Thankfully this juicer has a self cleaning process. Yes! I hate cleaning so this is perfect for me. All you have to do is pour water in between each fruit or veggie and you are ready to go without so much as lifting a finger to clean. I think you can handle pouring a little water.

So now let’s see we’ve established that you are going to get more juice and thus save money with the Hurom HU 100 slow juicer. You will also save space since you are going to get the same great juicing results but in a smaller package and we have just learned that we are going to save time as well.

This machine is great and my final warning to you is that once you get this machine you are going to love it so much that you won’t be able to keep it to yourself. Your friends and family are going to want to take part in and maybe even get a Hurom HU 100 slow juicer for Christmas or birthday.

Source by Wesley Hare

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