How Can You Choose the Best Juicer?

For vegetarians, a juicer is a must have appliance. There are very many brands which are available in the market with different capacity and capability; different sizes and designs etc. It is prudent to select one which will suit your needs. To get the best juicer, you must evaluate the following key parameters:

Working efficiency

Juicing is a labor intensive exercise though the entire process has been automated by juicers. To juice all your fruits and vegetables effortlessly, it is important that you go for an efficient juicer. A juicer which does not eject pulp or introduces either heat or oxygen to the juice is considered highly inefficient. You must avoid such appliances. Before you buy any juicer read customer reviews about the juicer. If possible, you can consult a friend who loves juicing for whatever reason.

Ease of cleaning

Juicers which are used frequently tend to accumulate a lot of dirt therefore; it will be pointless to own an appliance which will be hard to clean. There are those appliances with twin gear, complex designs with numerous sieves and filters. This may not only be difficult to clean but also be very frustrating. This is an important aspect you must consider. Remember juices ferment faster due to presence of sugar.


Almost all appliances are susceptible to either damage or malfunction. Companies which sell genuine product will give their customers an exclusive warranty for every product they purchase. Only buy those products with a warranty. This will save you on the extra repair costs and the cost of purchasing a new item.

Type of fruits and vegetables which the juicer can process

Juicers are designed differently and the manufacturer will specify various types of foods the appliance can process. Therefore, you must read the user manual. You will get all the details on which types of foods a blender can process. Premium juicers can process a wide range of fruits and therefore, they are slightly expensive.


There are very many factors which determine cost of a juicer. For instance, robust and premium juicers which can process a wide range of fruits and vegetables will be slightly expensive. Furthermore, the brand will also determine the cost of a blender. There are those brands which are more expensive than others. Basically, the price of juicers is always a game changer or a deal breaker while shopping for these items. Under no circumstance must you go for a cheaper product simply because you want the cheapest product. Again, you must not buy these products expensively for no apparent reason. Before you buy these appliances, visit several shops to compare the prices.

Feed chute

The diameter of the feed chute is another important factor to consider. The normal range spans between 1.5 inches and 4 inches. There quite a number of juicers with varying chute diameter; go for one which suits your needs. It is advisable to go for larger one so that you may not me limited by the size of the chute.

Usage and quality of juice the appliance can produce

There are those juicers which are robust and they can perform heavy juicing tasks. On the other hand, there are those which are delicate and therefore, they can break down if you use them for heavy juicing processes. You should go for robust juicers as much as they could be slightly expensive.

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