The Different Types of Juicer Explained

The centrifugal juicers are still here offering cheap and fast juicing, this is what most of us start our juicing careers with. The centrifugal juicer employs a high speed cutting plate and basket that cuts up the produce and flicks the juice out of the pulp, a simple system and these machines can come with a huge feed tube that swallows up the produce. The disadvantages can be that the machines can be low in efficiency and time consuming to clean.

Horizontal single auger juicers, these are the simple single screw or auger juicers that offer ‘masticating’ style juicing in which the produce is ‘chewed’ up and pressed against a perforated juicing screen, the juice flows through the screen and the pulp is held back and pumped out of the front of the juicer. These machines are relatively cheap, very efficient and easy to clean and live with and offer a high quality cold pressed juice. The drawback is that most of these machines have a fairly small feed tube.

Vertical single auger juicers, sometimes call Verts or Vertical slow juicers, these are the new juicers on the block, they take the horizontal single auger layout and flip it on its head to make the machine rotate on the vertical plane. These juicers have revolutionised cold press or masticating juicing as they remain faithful to the high juice quality producing low RPM juicing idea, but have larger feed tubes and gravity on their side, so the speed at which you can make juice increases. I currently use a vert for my main juicer.

Twin gear juicers, as their name suggests, these juicers have two long gears that rotate towards each other crushing the produce and chewing it up ready for the auger stage to press out more of the juice. The Angel twin gear juicer is still the highest yielding juicer I have ever used, however it is large and complicated to clean, so I use my vertical slow juicer for day to day juicing. The twin gear excels at extracting every last drop of juice out of root vegetable and leafy greens, so I tend to use my twin gear when I am making vegetable juice with a leafy greens component for maximum extraction as I grow my own leafy greens.

That covers each style of juicer and which I favour for which type of juicing work I am doing. I find the better your juicer is, the easier the health boosting habit of juicing is. Enjoy!

Source by Mark Snare

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