What Do You Want to Know About Jack Lalanne Juicers?

Today we will answer most of your important doubts about Jack Lalanne juicing machines. The first and foremost question on everyone’s mind is about – the reliability of the juicing machines. For a long time, the Jack Lalanne juice making machines were top of the heap and best juicing machines are many Americans grew up with. They offered high juicing capability at low prices. The performance was top-notch and the construction durable. But after the great man died things started to change. The company no longer seems to be making the juice making machines and slowly phased out most models. There are a few other juicer brands who are offering co-branded versions of these juicing machines. We are unable to recommend any Jack juicer model because there doesn’t seem to be any after sales support and the few owners who have managed to buy them are not too happy with the juicer.

Another doubt that seems to be widespread is whether Jack Lalanne juicing machines are masticating juicing machines? The answer is a no. The reason why there seems to be this doubt is because of the slow speed of these juice making machines. They spin at 3600 rpm which is much less than most centrifugal juicing machines but higher than masticating juicing machines. The reason for the slow speed is of course to preserve nutrition. The juice making machines use a powerful motor to extract juice without too much heat being generated. They had stainless steel blades and mesh skin to rip through the produce and filter out the juice. They were affordable and great at juicing. After the death of iconic man not all juicer models endorsed by him are available as production has been stopped or phased out. Some models might be able available for sale on eBay if you look really hard.

What is the best model among the Jack Lalanne juicers? The answer is difficult to answer today. The reason is simple enough. They no longer in production. In the days when the Jack Lalanne juicers ruled the roost, they were so many models that dominated the juicer market space like the Jack Lalanne PJ Pro, PJ Deluxe and PJ Express and more. The juicer machines were designed with requirements of people who use them in mind. The large feed tube, the large pulp bin, the large collecting jar help in juicing without too much time wasted in preparation of ingredients. Also, the powerful motor extracted juice without causing heat build-up. With the juicer machines no longer being made there are no good Jack Lalanne juicers to recommend. Even if you manage to buy one be aware that after sales support may be lacking. Also, there are some co-branded Jack juicer models on sale but they are not in any of the best seller lists.

Now that we have answered most of your doubts regarding Jack juicing machines here’s a more important question that needs an answer. Which juicer is the best to buy? There are several great models from companies like Kuvings, Breville, Omega, Hurom Hu, Cuisinart, Tribest and more. Affordable models are offered by Mueller Austria, Aicok, AmzChef and more. You can pick from the fast juicer machines also known as centrifugal juicer machines, slow juicing machines like masticating juicers and twin-gear juicer machines. Pick a juicer that most meets your needs. Juicing should not be a chore. So, look for models that wide feed chutes and large pulp bins. Today there are many great models that have replaced the Jack Lalanne juicing machines. For fast juicer go for either Breville or Hamilton Beach. For slower juicing machines nothing like Omega. For cheaper masticating models choose Aicok and AmzChef.

Source by Vanessa Jones

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