Omega Cold Press 365 Juicing System

Does Omega Cold Press 365 Juice Vegetables?

Omega Cold Press 365 juices all types of fresh produce including vegetables both the hard and soft kind. For example, it handles beets, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and more. It crushes stringy vegetables like celery.

All produce is juiced with equal ease and large amounts of juice extracted. The extracted juice has the original taste of the vegetables and also maximum nutrition. The Omega Cold Press 365 juices in a different way which allows it to extract maximum juice with minimal loss of nutrition.

What about leafy greens? Does the Omega Cold Press 365 juice them?

It can handle all types of greens very well indeed. Kale, spinach, cabbage, wheat grass and more are juiced and juice extracted in good amounts. The nutrition content of greens is extracted and retained in the juice due to the nature of juicing. Maximum nutrition is retained as there is no loss to either heating or air.

What benefits do you get out of juicing with Omega Cold Press 365?

It uses a very slow and powerful method of extracting juice. Due to the nature of juicing no heating or shaking of juice takes place. This ensures the juice is full of nutrition and no loss occurs. The juice is of high quality and few parts. So cleaning is very much simplified.

Can you list the benefits of juicing with Omega 365 Juicer?

The speed of juicing with Omega 365 is slow and methodical. The process does not generate heat or vigorous movement of the juice. Due to these reasons, the extract made by this juicer retains almost all the nutrition with hardly any loss to the process of juicing. The high-quality juicer has very few parts and can be easily cleaned.

Why buy an Omega 365 Juicer?

We can think of 3 main reasons on why buying an Omega Cold Press 365 is a good decision:

The reason for juicing and consuming juice is the due to fact that it is a concentrated form of nutrition. The reason to buy Omega Cold Press 365 is because it delivers highly nutritious fluid every time. The powerful motor crushes produce at slowest speed to extract juice. This method of juicing does not expose the juice to either heat or oxidation. This helps retains the enzymes and nutrition of the juice without any loss.

Gut health is an important indicator of overall good health. Juice with good nutrition improves gut health. The digestive tract is rich in helpful bacteria which keep the gut chugging along nicely. If you eat nutritious food rich in vitamins and minerals and eat a healthy, vegetables-based diet, it improves all aspects of our health as the diversity of gut bacteria improves. Problems like auto-immune related pain and inflammation, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and more disappear when you switch to healthy eating.

Those who drink juice report feeling more energetic, active, full of life, in better health, able to fight off infections with ease, reduced desire for unhealthy foods and more. They naturally lose weight as their unhealthy cravings are less. Feeding the body with healthy, fiber rich, plant-based foods prevents those cravings and binge eating. You don’t crave for sugary treats. Drinking nutritious juice promotes weight loss and in staying healthy.

How Does Omega Cold Press 365 H3000D Manage to Preserve Nutrients?

The Omega Cold Press 365 H3000D rotates very slowly. So, no heat is generated. Heat is the cause of destruction of enzymes and antioxidants. With very little heat, the juice maintains its nutritional integrity.

Does Juice Extracted by Omega Cold Press 365 H3000D provide immunity?

As the juice is extracted by the cold press method it has all the nutritious enzymes which help to improve immunity. You can transform your health by supplying with high-quality nutrients by drinking this juice. Get a full-days’ worth of vitamins and minerals in one delicious juice

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