What Are Nasal Polyps, What Causes Them And Most Importantly How Do You Remove Nasal Polyps?

Nasal polyps. What are they? What causes them? Who gets them? – And how can nasal polyps be removed? Well let’s take a look at all of these questions.

What are Nasal Polyps?

These growths are tear shaped growths in the nose that can block the sinuses, cause facial pain, cause a person to lose their sense of taste and their sense of smell. Basically, these things are no fun and a pain in the rear!

These growths in the nose can also cause symptoms like itchiness around the eyes, double vision and obstructive sleep apnea in serious cases. – And as well all know, sleep apnea can actually be quite dangerous!

What Causes Nasal Polyps and Who Gets Them?

Some experts will say that nobody really knows what causes these growths in the nose. However, some people are more prone to polyps than other people, just like with anything else. For example, people with poor diets are more likely to develop heart disease, and people who are obese are more likely to develop diabetes. There are also certain people that are more prone to developing polyps in their noses.

Statistics show that there is a link between people with chronic inflammation of the nasal passages or chronic sinusitis and their development of the polyps. – And also people with allergic conditions are more likely to develop the polyps. It seems like we all have allergic conditions at one time or another! Also, some information suggests that the growths can simply be genetic.

Other people who are more likely to get polyps are people who are allergic to aspirin, people who have cystic fibrosis, people with Churg-Strauss syndrome and people who are 40 years or older.

How Do You Remove Nasal Polyps?

Well, to ease the irritation of polyps in the nose, some people use at-home methods like a sinus rinse. Others swab the polyps with diluted tea tree oil because of tea tree oil’s anti inflammation properties. This can shrink the polyps and help with relieving the symptoms

However, in some cases, when the polyps are severely impacting a person’s quality of life, sometimes the only solution is to use more serious methods for relief. This can involve the use of steroidal medications, nasal sprays or even being treated with a surgical procedure.

The bad thing is that even with surgery, about 75% of patients experience a regrowth of the polyps within 4 years. That’s not good.

The only good news about the surgery is that is usually only a last resort to remove polyps in the nose. It is not used to remove nasal polyps in most cases. Most polyps in the nose are treated with medications and nasal sprays as mentioned earlier, whereas surgery is used for the more serious cases.

If you suspect you have polyps in your nose, seek the advice of your doctor and let them help you with a treatment plan.

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