Solutions to Snoring Problems

Whether you are a person who chooses to use the advancements of modern medical science or you are a person who likes to employ the use of some old home remedies, there are plenty of different techniques for snoring cessation.

Both home remedies and scientific approaches have been effective in reducing and eliminating snoring for many people. These are practical first steps to take to try to stop snoring all together. If there still continues to be a severe problem, or if you wake up gasping for breath or a spouse hears you gasping for breath, then you have a more serious problem associated with snoring called sleep apnea for which you should consult a doctor.

However, if you just suffer from a mild case of the snores, then try some different home and scientific remedies described below.

A favorite home remedy involves a sock, a tennis ball and a safety pin. While this remedy sounds like something seen on Macgyver, it truly works.

Place the tennis ball in the sock and pin it to the back of your pajamas. The theory behind this is that when you lay on your back it will create an uncomfortable feeling that will prompt your body to turn to its side.

Eventually, the hope is that your body will associate lying on its back as uncomfortable and you will not even have to use the tennis ball anymore. Sleeping on your side reduces the effect of tissues blocking your airways. This method can be highly effective for many who suffer just mildly from snoring.

Other home remedies involve raising the head of the bed approximately 4 to 6 inches. This can be achieved with rolled up blankets or towels place beneath the mattress or with adjustable beds like those made by Craftmatic.

The theory of this home remedy is to lessen the effects of the jaw and tongue on blocking airways by leaning them slightly forward.

As always, if your snoring continues or is very severe, consult your physician because you may have a serious respiratory problem.

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