Health And Safety Training In The Workplace

Health and safety training has become a very important facet of the working environment today. Due to many serious injuries and occupational diseases prevalent at work, governments have begun installing compulsory legislation regulating a safe working environment for the employer and his employees.

Prior to entry at many dangerous work environments the companies are compelled to provide comprehensive information and instruction of the dangers in the plant. Instruction may cover many aspects such as fire outbreaks, gas leaks, unsafe structures and safe work practices. Instruction about the relevant alarms and their meaning is also given. Instruction for safe gathering points where a roll call is conducted to make sure nobody is missing is an important factor.

The emphasis on safety has increased over the years as more and more employees were injured at work because they were not properly taught all the risks and safe practices required.

It is the employers responsibility to ensure all employees and visitors are aware of the dangers in the business and to supply the relevant safety equipment where necessary. The onus also lies with an employee who has received instruction to use the required protection and to report any unsafe situations immediately. Any injury at work is reportable no matter how minor and should be recorded in a log.

Failure to comply with safety regulations may result in serious criminal action or civil lawsuits against a company. It has become the norm for many industries to insure strict instruction regarding the hazards on site is given to new employees.

Employees are encouraged to form committees to monitor conditions and report on accidents at the work place. These committees make recommendations to management about unsafe conditions and the corrective measures needed.

The beginning of a shift should begin with a toolbox talk and a review of any incidents that have occurred on the previous shift. Protective equipment should also be checked and issued where required.

Basic first aid should form an integral part of any instruction on the well being of employees as they are often the first persons to attend a serious accident scene at work and may save their workmates life.

Safety representatives appointed by a company need to be well educated in the relevant occupation health and safety act to perform effectively. There are also specific needs in different industries such as the petroleum industry that requires a more specialized education in the hazardous conditions prevalent.

Learning the correct way of handling tools is very important to prevent uncalled for incidents. The condition of tools is one of the main causes of injury and should be checked for any malfunction. Education for working at heights and the correct use of a body harness is important. Testing for gas and other toxic matter before entering vessels that need maintenance and repairs should most definitely form a part of the training.

Without safety training, a person may inadvertently cause a serious accident and massive damage, injury or loss of life. It is no longer acceptable for companies not to supply the required tuition in the hazards of the working environment. Production output is secondary when it comes to human life, and the faster companies realize this, the better it will be for both parties.

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