Sleeping Aids and What They Do

Sleeping aids are becoming increasingly commonplace, as many people, especially in Western civilization (but not limited to) are experiencing a rapidly expanding rate of sleeping disorders, ranging from insomnia and sleep paralysis to sleepwalking and even to something as extreme as somniphobia, which is the fear of actually sleeping itself. It may seem strange to think that anybody at all has something like sombiphobia, but the fact of the matter is that both this condition and all other sleep-related disorders are increasing at an alarming rate. Luckily, sleeping aids exist, and it may be mainly due to the huge segment of the population that is in desperate need for them. They can be of great help, and for some people, a life saver.

So, just to clarify on the issue of just how many people actually suffer from sleeping disorder, well, the figure is simply shocking. Around 9-12% of the US population alone report that they suffer from chronic insomnia. It can have a major impact on the quality of life, leaving people simply too tired to think or even do anything at all, and yet with 1 out of 10 US citizens suffering from it, it is a problem that simply cannot be swept under the carpet.

Sleep apnea, which affects over 18 million Americans, and narcolepsy, which affects 200,000, are two more conditions which are on the increase, and many more people even remain undiagnosed, because for them it has simply become a way of life.

Many tips simply do not work for extreme sufferers of various sleeping orders. For them, and even for milder sufferers, sleeping aids are a savior. From medications, to hypnosis, to sleeping aid products, one or a combination of effective aids can completely change a sufferer’s life for the better. Indeed, in some cases, a sufferer will have wondered how they had ever coped without them.

Many sleeping aids work by relaxing the body or brain and allowing the person to sleep. With recent technological and scientific advances, sleeping aids are far superior to ones that were being sold on the market 10, even 20 years ago. Much more research has been done, serious side effects have been minimized.

Speaking of side effects, there are some associated with certain medications. These should always be discussed with your doctor, so that your own personal needs and requirements are taken into account. If you have a sleeping issue, remember that you are not alone, and that in fact, the number of people suffering seems to be increasing every day. Sleeping aids provide relief to sufferers, and are seen by many as a life saver, and that is exactly what the right remedy is, because it can give the sleepless their quality of life back.

Source by Jennifer Hughs

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