NutriWise – High Protein Diet Shake & Pudding | Strawberry | Fat Free, Low Calorie, Low Sugar (7/Box)

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Product Description


The NutriWise Difference







Superior Taste

Don’t dread eating healthy – with NutriWise you’ll love your diet! Lose weight while curbing cravings of chocolate and tasty sweets. Our protein shakes are packed with nutrients AND taste great!

Clinic Quality

Skip the clinic! You can get the same quality products for less from NutriWise. No need to go to cumbersome and embarrassing weigh-ins. Take control of your diet from the comfort of your own home.

Premium Ingredients

Stay full all day when you eat NutriWise high protein shakes. Averaging at 15g protein per serving – these protein shakes will ward off hunger and bring ultimate satisfaction. 7 servings per box!



NutriWise For Everyone

Not just for weight loss!

Those on a weight loss journey will benefit greatly from NutriWise protein shakes, but they can be used by everyone! Athletes: sustain energy quickly without consuming many calories. Parents: quick snack on the go for you and your kids.

When should you eat NutriWise protein shakes?

Many people enjoy a bar between breakfast and lunch, or between lunch and dinner. This helps you avoid unhealthy snacking and fill up with protein rather than salty or sweet treats. NutriWise protein shakes can also be eaten for breakfast, or as a light lunch or dinner.


Regulate and decrease hunger

Maintain energy throughout the day

Curb sugar cravings

Gluten free

Trans fat free

Low in cholesterol

High in calcium and iron


Nutrition You Can Trust

Those struggling with weight loss know that there are an overwhelming amount of choices on the market. When you purchase NutriWise products, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality. We care about our customers, and want this to be your last diet ever – so we believe in sourcing only the top quality ingredients to create a formula that works for you. Our Nutritionist-curated protein shakes have been helped thousands lose weight and become healthier. You can trust that our products will help you achieve lasting results!

Nutriwise products weight loss diet high protein low calorie shakes bars soup dessert breakfastNutriwise products weight loss diet high protein low calorie shakes bars soup dessert breakfast

The NutriWise Line

Shop our entire line of NutriWise products including protein shakes, bars, hot drinks, smoothies, breakfast, soups, entrees, and more!

Fat Free
High in Protein – 15 grams Per Serving
Low Sugar – 1 gram Per Serving
Medical Grade – Sold in many Weight Loss Centers

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