Cures For Sleep Apnea – Surprisingly Simple Ways to Cure Sleep Apnea

You tend to only hear of one cure to help sufferers beat sleep apnea, CPAP. But there actually a wide range of alternative cures for sleep deprivation available if you are prepared to do a bit of research – and there is every chance that these sleep deprivation cures can help you beat the chronic sleep disorder. Not everything is about CPAP.

Alternative Cures for Sleep Apnea

People discard CPAP for a number of reasons. It could be they don’t like sleeping with the machine on, it could be they find the method of firing air uncomfortable, or it could be they simply don’t like to be reliant on machines.

Whatever the reason for looking outside CPAP there is a wide range of alternative cures that allow you a good nights sleep, whilst ensuring that you are breathing all the way through it.

Firstly you should look at the possible causes of sleep apnea and if any relate to you then you should look to address those causes.

o Sedatives or large amounts of alcohol taken before bed

o Obesity

o Nasal congestion from a cold etc

These 3 are relatively easily addressed and can make up a large amount of people who suffer from stopping breathing as they sleep. If you address these points then you could well find that you will have cured your sleep apnea.

There are many more medical reasons for stopping breathing as you sleep, most of which are less easily addressed by yourself but can be solved by simple medical operations if you which. Reasons for sleep deprivation include

o Enlarged tonsils

o Underdeveloped throat muscles

o Enlarged tongue

o Receding chin

And more.

Natural Cures for Sleep Apnea

Should you not wish to have an operation to cure sleep deprivation then there are other, natural, alternatives. Such cures for sleep apnea have been tried and tested over the years. Consider such alternative cures as

o Sleeping on your side – some people only have apnea (and snoring) when they are laying on their back.

o Use specialised mattresses. If you use a mattress that can elevate the head by a few inches then you may well find that your apnea goes away.

o Use breathing strips. For many sufferers their airways are a problem all over – by using nasal strips you can better open their airways in your nose (should also help cure the snoring problem if you have one).

o Gargle with salt water. Might sound odd as cures for sleep apnea goes but it works, because the cold, salt water will shrink your tonsils.

o Avoid dairy. Dairy can get our body to produce mucus, which in turn blocks the airways, so try to keep away from it as much as you can – or even cut it out.

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