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Join Thousands of Women in a Better Life!

The Skinny Jane Quick Slim Kit is the best weight loss kit for women that want fast results. They are effective diet supplements that are safe and speed metabolism.

Skinny BurnSkinny Burn

Skinny Blend BagsSkinny Blend Bags

Skinny Blend

A great tasting weight loss smoothie designed just for women.

Just 90 calories per serving Only 2 grams of sugar per serving Special blend of 7 proteins Great protein boost for women Suppresses appetite Boosts metabolism Speeds weight loss Mixes easily, tastes great!

Quick Slim Kit

By Skinny Jane

Skinny Burn

9 cutting edge ingredients to maximize fat lossHelps reduce food cravingsIncreases energyIgnites metabolism (helps burn calories)Contains Raspberry Ketones

Decreases your appetite

Speeds up your metabolism

Gives you energy

Makes you feel better

Helps you lose weight!

Comes With:

Skinny Blend

Skinny Blend

Skinny Burn

Skinny Burn

Skinny Cleanse

Skinny Cleanse

Skinny Blend

Skinny Blend was specifically designed to help speed up your metabolism, nourish your muscles, and tone your body. This diet shake not only TASTES GREAT, but it contains a very unique blend of 7 high quality proteins plus MCT powder, which has been shown to help burn body fat, boost metabolism and increase energy.

Pick your favorite flavor!

ChocolateVanillaBananaStrawberryCookies ‘n’ CreamCappuccinoSalted Caramel

Skinny Burn

Formulated to help decrease your hunger, burn body fat more efficiently and give you energy.

Skinny Burn contains a special combination of 9 ingredients that work together to make your body a fat burning and energy producing machine.

Skinny Cleanse

Skinny Cleanse has 5 all-natural ingredients that work together to cleanse and detox your body. It was designed to prime your body for losing bodyfat.

Cleanses toxins from the bodyControls appetiteSpeeds weight loss effortsHelps you feel lighter15 day formula for fast resultsWorks great with Skinny Burn

Your Skinny Kit includes three great Skinny Jane products:

Skinny Blend is a great tasting weight loss shake designed for results. It contains a special blend of ingredients to help you lose weight and feel satisfied.

Nutritional Info:

• 90 calories per serving

• Only 1 gram of sugar

• 3-4 grams of fiber

• Special blend of 7 proteins


• Suppresses appetite

• Boosts metabolism

• Speeds weight loss

• Tastes great!

1.5 lb bag = 30 servings Suggested use: Drink 1-2 Skinny Blend Shakes a day for best results.

Skinny Burn Benefits:

• 9 cutting edge ingredients to maximize fat loss

• Helps reduce food cravings

• Increases energy

• Ignites metabolism (helps burn calories)

• Contains Raspberry Ketones

• 60 capsules per bottle

Suggested use: Take 2 capsules daily with 8 oz. water, one before breakfast, and 1 around 2 p.m.Skinny Burn is very safe and effective. You will have more energy, you won’t crave carbs, and your body will start burning body fat!

Skinny Cleanse Benefits:

• Helps remove toxins from the body

• Speeds weight loss

• Helps you feel better

• 15 day formula for fast results

• 30 capsules per bottle

Suggested use: Take 2 capsules with 8 oz. of water 15-30 minutes before bed. Reduce to 1 capsule for a lighter cleanse if needed. Order today!


Not only is it a Proven Beauty Aid, it also Helps Heal the Body on many levels and Helps You Lose Weight!

The Skinny Jane High Potency Liquid Multi-Vite was formulated to support your body’s natural energy stores and give you the daily vitamins and minerals you need.

Help you lose weight and slim down faster! We took 7 all natural ingredients proven to speed up your metabolism and ignite your dieting efforts and blended them to perfection.

Core Care 180 can repair damage to your gut and help you live a happier, healthier life. Stay healthy from the inside out using CORE CARE 180!

When To Take

Anytime, goes great with Skinny Blend

After breakfast

First thing in the morning, mid-afternoon, and evening

After breakfast

Skinny Burn Supplement – Speeds Metabolism, Burns Body Fat, Reduces Cravings, Gives You Energy with Green Tea, Raspberry Ketones and Caffeine
Skinny Cleanse Diet Supplement – Gently Removes Toxins from the Body, Helps Control Appetite, Speeds Weight Loss Efforts
Skinny Blend – Best Tasting Weight Loss Protein Shake, Mixes Easily, Only 90 Calories and 1 gram of sugar
Super Safe Weight Loss Kit that Works Great, Guaranteed!

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