NutriWise – High Protein Diet | Pina Colada Mojito Mocktail | Low Calorie, Low Fat, Low Carb, Low Sugar (6-Pack Bottles)

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About This Product
Nutriwise’s mocktails are the perfect way to brighten up your program and inspire you to let a little sunshine in. These are non-alcoholic with 15 grams of protein per serving (easy-carry bottle). You will love the refreshing flavors while not missing the added sugar, carbs, and calories in the “harder” beverages. Try this Pina Colada!

Sample Meal Plan:

  • Breakfast: (1 Shake or 1 Breakfast Entrée) + 1 Starch Serving 
  • Snack: 1 Protein Bar or 1 Protein Snack or 1 Chips Serving 
  • Lunch: (1 Entree OR 1 Soup) + 1 Fruit Serving
  • Snack: 1 Protein Bar or 1 Protein Snack or 1 Chips Serving
  • Dinner: 1-2 Lean Meat +1 Vegetable + 1 Starch + 1 Condiment
  • Dessert: 1 Dessert or 1 Shake 

Our Story
Our humble beginnings have allowed us to stay focused on customer satisfaction and bringing you the best in medical grade diet options. Over 800,000 Customers & counting.
Doctors Weight Loss began in 2008 as a small, online store for basic weight loss food products. Not long after, we developed our four flagship brands NutriWise, ProtiWise, BestMed, and Doctors Weight Loss. We were committed to making sure these brands used top-quality formulations. Our customers have been able to purchase top of the line medical grade weight loss products without paying the high prices offered at weight loss clinics, and instead get the same products for a fraction of the cost by buying from us. 
Benefit #1:Protein helps your body burn fat instead of muscle for a healthier weight loss.
Benefit #2:Protein curbs your hunger between meals and helps to avoid “snacking temptation”.

BIG ON TASTE: Enjoy the rewarding taste that satisfies your craving for something healthy, without adding the extra calories, sugar and carbs! No need to suffer through eating another tasteless weight loss shake.
HEALTHY NUTRITION: We’ve cut out all the unnecessary calories, carbs, and sugar to create a perfect snack or meal that enhances any weight loss program. Infused with nourishment, these individual bottles are fortified with vitalizing ingredients. On the go healthy nutrition for men, women, and kids.
ACCELERATE WEIGHT LOSS: Create your own diet regime with our delicious range of high in protein bars, shakes, breakfasts, entrees, snacks, soups and more. Perfect for before or after a workout. Grab a protein shake about an hour before a workout to provide carbs and protein for energy and lean muscle support. Treat yourself after your workout to replenish energy and help the muscle recovery process.
TRUSTED BRAND: Scientifically formulated for optimal health, NutriWise is committed to bringing you highly nutritional weight loss products that are supported by hospitals, physicians and weight loss clinics nationwide.

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