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The Keto Starter Bundle is meant to give you a comprehensive example of the Flavors and Quality that only comes from Keto Chow.

Keto Chow isn’t meant as a replacement for your avocados, butter, or bacon. In fact, we eat all the keto favorites all the time! Rather Keto Chow is formulated to be your delicious go-to for when you are:

Wanting a quick and easy keto breakfast, keto-approved lunch, or a delicious keto dinner! On the go traveling or between classes Late for that big meeting Or simply want an easy solution for delicious and easy keto meal prep.

What makes Keto Chow so special?

You are able to customize the amount, and the type of fat that you use to mix with Keto Chow. This means you can hit the right calorie goal for your personal diet goals. We don’t all wear the same size shoe, having powdered MCT oil or some other fat in the mix only limits your choices. The best person to decide how much to add is YOU. Whether you want to use heavy cream to make a 300 calorie shake (5.5 tablespoons), a half a stick of melted butter for 550 calories, or melted coconut/avocado oil for 700 calories (2.4 ounces) – you can do it. 26g of protein per meal with a complete amino acid profile. 1.53g of non-fiber (net) carbohydrates, 8.27g total carbs with 6.73g of acacia gum fiber that doesn’t raise blood sugar but does feed your gut bacteria and strengthens your gut health. 34 essential vitamins and minerals including potassium, sodium, magnesium, and more The highest quality versions of the vitamins and minerals we can find – that’s what happens when the president of the company uses it for ALL their food for 100 days (and continues to use it for 1-2 meals a day). No gritty texture or gross “protein shake” taste, again, that’s what happens when the president of the company drinks it =)

All of the flavors in our Keto Chow line up have been designed to be Nutritionally Complete. What does it mean to be Nutritionally Complete? Doing Keto without any kind of supplementation can be difficult. You need to maintain a good balance of macronutrients (fat, proteins, and carbohydrates) to stay in nutritional ketosis; but you ALSO need to keep up with your micronutrients, things like: vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. Keto Chow was specifically designed so that if you chose to only eat our meals you would get a full 100% of ALL your daily Macro and Micronutrients making keto chow nutritionally complete. You would be able to maintain a good electrolyte balance needed for optimal performance while on the Ketogenic Diet.

We even put this to the test with “100 days of Keto Chow”!

Our Founder, Chris Bair along with Beverly, a female volunteer, conducted a trial called “100 days of Keto Chow” where they both went 100 days eating nothing but our Keto Shakes and Meal Replacements. Chris maintained an average blood ketone measurement of 3.0mmol/L during the 100 days, Beverly maintained 2.6 mmol/L – that’s what we call “Keto” =)! While under Doctor supervision (mostly for tracking purposes), both lost weight, increased energy and never got bored with the flavors. Variety of keeps any meal-prep plan interesting and sustainable and our mix of 21 different flavors will keep you coming back! We’re not saying you need to only eat our ultra low carb meal replacement shakes, but you CAN (dental surgery anyone?) by incorporating them into a well-executed keto diet plan, you’ll be well on your way of making keto easy!

Keto Diet Meal Prep

Keto Chow is a stress-free meal prep solution that makes keto super easy! Keto Chow lasts for 6 days in the fridge and the flavor really develops with time. So you can mix and drink right away and the meal will taste great, but if you chill it for 30 minutes the flavors become richer! If left for several days you’ll truly get the most rounded flavor! This was by design. Our Mission is to make Keto easy, and affordable!

Keto chow starter bundle Keto chow starter bundle

Keto Chow is designed to provide 1/3 of your nutritional keto diet needs

Yes, you read that correctly. One Keto Chow meal replacement shake gives you 1/3 of your daily electrolytes, vitamins, protein, and much more! If you drink 3 Keto Chow keto shakes in a day you will receive 100% of your daily keto nutritional requirements

Mixing keto chow is easy

Select the fat

Select the fat

select your flavor

select your flavor

pour the water

pour the water

Shake chill and enjoy

Shake chill and enjoy

Step 1 – Select The Fat Source Of Your Choice

The most common fats used are avocado oil and heavy cream. But if you mix warm water with an immersion blender, we’ve found melted butter makes a fantastic fat source especially with this flavor of Keto Starter Bundle! Just chill after mixing warm for amazing results!

Step 2 – Add a Scoop Of Your Favorite Flavor of Keto Chow

With 21 delicious flavors to choose from you’ll keep your taste buds dancing with any one of our delicious keto smoothies.

Step 3 – Pour The Water

If you like your keto shakes a little thicker you can add a little less water, if you prefer them thinner just add more. Most people like the recommended amount or thicker but you make what you like!

Step 4 – Shake, Chill, and Enjoy!

Keto Starter BundleKeto Chow can be enjoyed right away, but really tastes great when chilled and enjoyed later. Keto Chow keeps in the fridge for up to 6 days and only tastes better each passing day! Some have compared the texture and flavor to that of melted ice cream! Yum!

keto chow starter bundleketo chow starter bundle

What is included in the Keto Starter Bundle?

Keto Starter BundleKeto Chow can be enjoyed as a stand-alone keto meal replacement shake, or as an ingredient in a delicious recipe. With different 7 delicious flavors included in this Keto Sample Pack, you’ll get a comprehensive idea of how delicious all of our Keto Flavored Shakes are. Whether you are craving Sweet or Savory, Keto Chow Meals are your go-to for convenient flavor and complete nutrition.!

The Keto Chow Starter Bundle includes one meal each of:

Chocolate Vanilla Snickerdoodle Strawberry Mocha Salted Caramel

Drink Keto Chow as-is or use as an ingredient in a delicious keto meal or dessert.

Here are some amazing examples of the awesome Keto recipes you could start enjoying today with ingredients made from Keto Starter BundleKeto Chow

Keto chow chafflesKeto chow chaffles

Keto Chow Chaffles

Very few things can replace the simple joys in life like the feeling of eating fluffy buttery waffles. Don’t give up waffles in the name of Keto. Try our Keto-friendly waffles!

hot mocha drinkhot mocha drink

Keto Chow Hot Mocha Drink

Nothing better in the cold winter months than sipping on a hot cup of hot Mocha! Make some with our Mocha Keto Chow and you’ve got a warm delicious morning getaway!

keto chow snickerdoodle cheesecake barsketo chow snickerdoodle cheesecake bars

Keto Chow Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Bars

If you love cheesecake bars, then you’re going to go gaga over these cheesecake bars. Easy to make, easy to store. Take these to your next gathering they’ll be a hit no matter if you’re on keto or not!

keto creamsicleketo creamsicle

Keto Chow Strawberry Cream Creamsicles

When you need a cool treat during the warm summer months, Reach for a Strawberry Cream Creamsicle

 more than a protein shake more than a protein shake

Keto Chow is more than just a protein shake – it’s a complete keto meal

Many Keto Supplements available today make great snacks but can you live completely on them?

Keto Chow comes in flavors both sweet and savory so you’re not limited to only breakfast. Our savory flavors alone make awesome keto lunches or keto dinners. But they are also great platforms to start making your own Keto meals. We understand that being successful with keto meal prep you need flavor variety & quick prep. Keto Chow helps you with both!

SERVING OPTIONS: Keto Chow Shake Mixes are great for real keto meal prep! Like a fine wine when you premix one of our keto meals, it truly gets better with time. Mix and eat right away, or better yet, store in the fridge for up to a week and it gets more delicious over time. Simply reheat before serving. Don’t believe me? Try it!
NUTRITIONALLY COMPLETE: You’re Getting A Meal That Is Nutritionally Complete For Anyone Rocking The Ketogenic Diet. What does nutritionally complete mean? It means your getting exactly ⅓ of your daily keto macro and micro nutrition requirements, even down to selenium. (Which most keto shakes lack)
CUSTOMIZABLE: A requirement for nutritional ketosis is ensuring You’re Eating A High Fat Low Carb Diet; Keto Chow is convenient, easy, and customizable to your keto diet needs. Add your own fat source like avocado oil, heavy cream, or our personal favorite – melted butter. You pick your own adventure (calories) here!
ELECTROLYTE: Avoid Electrolyte Deficiencies By Keeping Up With Your Body’s Electrolyte Requirements. As your body becomes fat adapted and depleted of carbs, it has a tendency to need more electrolytes. Keto Chow shake mixes come with all of the electrolytes your body needs for a single meal.

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