The Health Hazards Of Your Carpet

You may not know this yet but there may be an entirely new ecosystem in your living room carpet as of this moment. Or at least depending on the when you last had your carpet cleaned. The new ecosystem is made up of pounds of mites, bacteria, molds and mildew, fortified by a mixture of toxins and other dangerous fumes trapped within the fibers of your beautiful carpet.

Over 80% of American households have carpeting, which means over 80% of households in America may be organisms and breathing substances that are very hazardous to health without them even being aware of it. Your carpet can actually carry eight times its weight of mites, dirt, mold, grime, bacteria, mold and mildew and whatever else thats been brought in on shoes and paws.

Also, the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency states that over 80% as well of pesticide exposure happen indoors and the how? part there is pretty much self-explanatory, right? Not only does your carpet help harmful organisms thrive just where your baby crawls, it also accumulates chemicals that can be hazardous to you and your familys health.

So what do you do about this? Obviously, 80% of the households in America cannot just go home today to strip their carpets off, so the best solution is to have your carpets cleaned by professional carpet cleaners Everett and other areas offer, from at least once to four times a year depending on the size of your household and the traffic your carpets receive.

A daily maintenance regime composed of vacuuming and maybe some spot cleaning can help too, but disregarding the thorough cleaning of professionals can pose a huge health risk to your family especially your children. The carpet cleaners Everett has, for example, deem it very important as well to treat your carpets with some antibacterial coating solution as an added effort in eradicating organism growth.

One other thing claimed by carpet cleaners Everett households hire for their carpet cleaning needs is that you must, at all times, do your best to keep your carpet dry. Moisture attracts microorganisms and provides a favorable environment for them to live and thrive.

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