PH and Your Health

More and more research is showing that the pH of the body has a significant effect on overall health, especially into the senior years. There are some people who seem to have “good” genetics and live to be a ripe old age but the majority of the population seem to develop health issues, some of them chronic, which take away their enjoyment of life.

To zero in on what constitutes good health and how to keep it, researchers have been studying all aspects of the human body. It turns out body pH affects every cellular exchange and every bodily function. Partnering with pH is water. If one was to correctly balance these two things in the body, vitality and energy, hallmarks of vibrant health would follow.

There are many mysteries in the body that defy explanation but research is showing that pH regulation is becoming more important because of our lifestyle. Scientists aren’t sure if dehydration is at the root of the drop in body pH or visa versa. Years ago, our ancestors ate a more natural whole foods diet. There were no fast foods, convenience foods or total junk. If there was, it was usually too expensive to eat on a regular basis and was usually relegated to a once a month treat. Their body terrain was fairly alkaline compared to the 21st century human. They also drank a better quality water that was more alkaline, picking up minerals from the rocks in the stream; full of oxygen bubbles from bouncing over the rocks; microclustered from tumbling down the waterfalls; and had absolutely no chlorine, chlorine by-products, chloramines or fluorides in it.

Today, our lives are sped up, we don’t have time to cook nutritious meals from scratch. We eat more convenience foods, junk foods and sugars that we ever have. These processed foods promote acidic by-products in the body as a result of metabolizing them. Come on! You have to eat something! Believe me, there are some answers and they are fairly easy. Alkaline foods tend to make the body more alkaline and the more you eat of them the more healthy your body will be. Green leafy vegetables are the best, then vegetables grown above the ground. There are alkaline foods lists available all over the internet. We even have a couple of really good ones in the clinic. The eventual goal is to eat approximately 80 percent alkaline foods every day and 20 percent ‘other’ foods.

You may not know this but chlorophyll is almost identical in chemical composition to blood, only it’s green. Since both the blood and chlorophyll are towards the alkaline side of the pH chart, the chlorophyll helps keep the blood in prime condition. If the blood is healthy, the body will be too.

Add healthy water on the alkaline side, full of extra oxygen and negative ions and you will be filled with energy and vitality. All those niggly little bothersome aches and pains and fatigue will just disappear and you will no longer know what it’s like to get older but feel young.

Jean Perrins is a retired nurse and an alkaline, ionized water specialist. She has been field testing the effects of structured water on health in her clinic with sometimes astounding results. It is clear that water has an affect on health that we, in the West are just beginning to understand.

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