Health And Safety In The Construction Industry

Health and safety is relevant to every business that has ever been set up so it is incredibly important to make sure you understand the legal requirements that you need to adhere to as an employer. This includes ensuring all staff: full time, part time, trainees, and others around you such as: customers, neighbours and members of the public are safe.

Below are some tips covering different categories of staff within the construction industry in relation to health and safety.

Main Contractor
There are three actions that main contractors must perform by law. These are project management, contractor engagement and workforce engagement. Project management means you must plan, manage and monitor the construction stage to make sure it is carried out safely and no ones health is at risk. Contractor engagement entails providing information and directions whilst monitoring co-operation and co-ordination between contractors. Workforce engagement involves making sure the workforce is being inducted, informed, trained and consulted on health and safety.

CDM Co-ordinator
The four imperative points a CDM Co-ordinator must follow are advice and assistance, co-ordination and co-operation, pre construction information and designer compliance. You must advise and assist the client on what must be done to comply with the CDM 2007. You should co-ordinate and co-operate during the planning and preparation phase. You must identify and collect the pre construction information and finally, ensure that designers comply with their CDM duties.

As a client, you too need to undertake health and safety actions. You should assess the competence of those involved in the construction contracts and provide pre-construction information. On notable projects a CDM Co-ordinator and Principal Contractor must be appointed. You should establish project management arrangements and review this throughout the tender contracts in action.

Health and safety adherence is not down entirely to managers but also to workers too. As a worker you should take care of your own health and safety and the health and safety of others who may be affected by what you do or fail to do. You should co-operate with your employer and any other people you work with clients or fellow workers, encouraging them to keep the workplace safe. You should never misuse or interfere with anything that is provided purely for health and safety.

Overall, every person involved in tender contracts must be trained in health and safety and abide to the rules that are set out by law. This is to protect you and others around you, preventing and reducing the risk of accidents and at times fatalities.

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