Vitamins in Bee Pollen – Today’s Super Food?

The fact that there are many vitamins in bee pollen is one of the main reasons why it is such a popular natural supplement these days.

Many of today’s health food experts have called this natural substance a super food. This is because it contains practically every known mineral, vitamin, amino acid proteins, co-enzymes, enzymes, carbohydrates and fatty acids that our body needs to sustain itself.

Keep in mind, that if the pollen is sourced from cleaner areas then you will have a much purer form of the pollen plus there is less of a chance of getting contaminants in the product.

Vitamins in Bee Pollen – What Specifically Are They?

Complex b-12 vitamins, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin and vitamins E, F and D are just some of the vitamins found in this amazing natural substance. In addition you can find folic and panolethic acid in this natural substance as well.

How is This Substance Collected?

First, there are basically two ways you can consume this substance. One is to eat the raw granules, the other is to have the pollen in a natural supplement combined with other healthy natural ingredients.

Beekeepers not only process honey, they also collect pollen as well. Bees fly about from flower to flower throughout the day collecting pollen on their hind legs in what is called a pollen basket.

When they enter the beekeepers hive, a small device placed at the entrance to the hive brushes off a small amount of the collected pollen. This allows the bee to keep some for feeding. The pollen is mixed with bee saliva and nectar from the flowers as well.

What Kind of Benefits do Vitamins in Bee Pollen Provide?

One of the main advantages of all this vitamin content is that it provides us with a boost of energy. If you are like me, then often during the afternoon I need a boost. Turning to caffeine or sugar is not the healthiest thing you can do.

If taken on an empty stomach, then a good bee pollen supplement can give you that burst of energy you need without the jittery side effects that caffeine can produce.

Another benefit that people get from taking this natural substance is that it can act as an appetite suppressant. So, if you are on weight loss program, then combining this supplement with your regular exercise and diet routine will be beneficial to your program.

Take advantage of the vitamins in bee pollen but make sure you the source of this natural substance is pure and uncontaminated. Learn more by visiting my website today.

Source by Tara Mathews

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