Worry Over Routine Vaccines

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Plus: Tim Kaine's long COVID, racial disparities in school reopening, 'smell training' for kids

March 26, 2021

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With more students poised to head back to the classroom, experts warn about lagging vaccinations opening the door for diseases like measles. Read more.

The senator has been experiencing ‘weird’ symptoms long after COVID-19, and wants to ensure others like him feel seen. Read more.

More than half of all Black, Hispanic and Asian fourth-graders were in a remote learning environment as of January. Read more.

Clinicians at pediatric hospitals are trying 'smell training' to help children who had COVID-19 and have now lost this sense. Read more.

Commentary: Interruptions and isolation have likely fueled overdoses, making an already deadly pandemic even deadlier. Read more.

Data Spotlight: Wyoming

Wyoming, one of 12 states that have not yet expanded Medicaid, took a step in that direction this week when House lawmakers passed a measure providing eligibility for the program to more adults. The recent COVID-19 relief bill cleared by Congress and President Joe Biden aims to financially incentivize states to expand Medicaid, though the Wyoming bill still must win approval in the state Senate – which let similar legislation die – and from the governor.

In the 2020 Healthiest Communities rankings, nearly all of Wyoming’s 23 counties rank in the top 500 nationally, including No. 22 Teton County, which boasts one of the nation’s highest scores in the infrastructure category. Albany County, at No. 283, is best in the nation for education.

On average, Wyoming scores best in the environment category; it’s the state with the lowest airborne cancer risk and the second-lowest number of extreme heat days per year.

You can see how all Wyoming counties fared in the Healthiest Communities assessment here, and explore COVID-19's impact on state counties here.

Teton County Wyoming

Webinar: Community Health Justice for All

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed what many have long professed: The U.S. health care system is full of deep disparities, and fixing them requires a complex, multipartner approach. Real change starts at the community level, where the social determinants of health and systemic inequities are often the root causes of chronic health conditions and unequal outcomes between individuals.

As part of our Community Health Leadership Forum event series, join U.S. News on Tuesday, May 25, at 1 p.m. ET to hear from a cross-disciplinary group of leading thinkers about the immediate actions and solutions that community health leaders and stakeholders can implement to help the people they serve. The discussion also will explore effective policy approaches at the federal and state levels.

Learn more and register here.

Young People Stack of Hands

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