Svêlo® Weight Loss Shakes | Delicious Meal Replacement High Protein Nutrition Slimming Diet Drink Mix for Women and Men | Silk Chocolate Flavor

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Product Description

Burn more calories than you consume – that’s the weight loss formula, right? But is it really so simple? At Svêlo, we know how difficult losing unwanted weight can be. After all, there’s a reason more than 90% of people gain back every pound (and more!) they initially lost while dieting! That’s why we’ve formulated a line of deliciously powerful weight loss products that can help you on the path to your healthy, happy, ideal self!

Svêlo Weight Loss Meal Replacement Shakes combine the industry’s most effective, safe, and powerful weight loss ingredients in an easy-to-mix and incredibly tasty 100-calorie shake. Ultimately, Svêlo is formulated to:

REV your metabolism

CURB your appetite & cravings

FUEL your body for hours

REV: Combat your slowing metabolism with Svêlo Shakes’ time-tested metabolism booster, Kinetiq. Derived from immature bitter orange, this extract has shown in multiple studies during the past two decades to help users:

Lose weight

Increase lean muscle to body mass ratio

Improve athletic performance

Eat less

CURB: Stop caving to cravings! Svêlo Shakes include a revolutionary appetite suppressant in the form of a potato protein extract. Known as Slendesta, this extract has shown to increase the release of a satiety hormone that tells your brain you’re well fed. You may feel fuller sooner and longer – and the effects can last up to four hours!

Feel fuller sooner & longer

Decrease cravings

Reduce hunger

FUEL: Finally, Svêlo is a complete meal in only 100 calories! When used as a meal replacement, Svêlo can help you to significantly reduce your caloric intake while providing you with fuel to function.

100 calories

12g protein

7g fiber

Vitamins & minerals from A to Zinc

If you’re ready to lose weight, lean out, and enjoy more energy, add Svêlo to your diet and exercise regimen. It’s not magic – but it may just be the support you’ve been waiting for.

REV: Powerful metabolism booster may help burn calories while increasing lean muscle mass & energy
CURB: Strong appetite suppressant & satiety aid may curb hunger and crush cravings for up to 4 hours
FUEL: A complete meal in 100 calories, 12g whey protein, 7g fiber, essential vitamins and minerals
CUSTOMERS SAY: This stuff works amazingly well! | With a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, why not try?

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