HERBALIFE Quick Combo Pack with Herbalife Formula 1, Herbalife Aloe Concentrate, Herbalife Tea Concentrate, Herbalife Protein Powder & Herbalife Best Defense- Free Herbalife spoon and Herbalife bottle

Price: $164.87
(as of Aug 01,2021 06:39:36 UTC – Details)

Do you want to reduce your weight or belly fat to get a toned, healthy body? Annoyed by traditional weight loss products and finding something that works?
Here we, Herbalife, brings you the complete meal replacement shakes combo to fulfill all your needs in one package.
Herbalife Formula 1 Shake mix Benefits:
❤️Contains 21 vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients that help satisfy your hunger.
❤️An excellent source of antioxidant Vitamins E, C, and A.
Herbalife Personalized Protein Powder:
❤️Proprietary protein blend helps build and maintain lean muscle mass.
❤️A fat-free protein supplement for hunger control and healthy weight management with 5g of soy and whey protein and all nine essential amino acids.
Herbalife Aloe Concentrate:
❤️Made from the aloe plant, which contains natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help support healthy digestion
❤️Supports healthy digestive function by soothing the stomach and alleviating occasional indigestion.
❤️Helps Acid Reflux
Herbalife tea concentrate:
❤️Contains caffeine, which jump-starts your metabolism and provides a boost to help you feel revitalized. It’s a healthy replacement for Coffee.
Herbalife Best Defense:
❤️Fortify your immune system with this Best Defense Orange Boost and avoid getting sick
❤️Excellent source of Zinc for immune health
❤️Antioxidant strength of vitamin C
What’s in the combo deal?
➕ One 26.4 oz Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix
➕ One 12.7 oz Personalized Protein Powder
➕ One 1.8 oz Herbalife Tea Concentrate
➕ One 16 oz Aloe Concentrate Mango
➕ One Herbalife Best Defense (10 Tablets)
➕ One FREE Shake Bottle
➕ One FREE Measuring Spoon
Hurry and get the best weight loss bundle to support your daily activities and keep yourself healthy all the time.
Order Now!
IMPROVE YOUR DAILY DIET using the best possible combo of your loved Herbalife products. This combo provides you every vitamin, minerals, anti-oxidant, and protein you need to keep you full and healthy. Our products control the calorie intake of your body, help in digestion, control your hunger, and help to keep you healthy.
STAY SAFE FROM TOXICITY, and SIDE EFFECTS of traditional weight loss shakes, supplements available in the market. Our Herbalife weight loss package doesn’t bother your appetite or metabolism. It doesn’t give the crash feeling or side effects like headaches.
PERFECT COMBO PACKAGE for managing your weight, calorie intake, and protein intake. The combo comes with a free Herbalife shake bottle and Herbalife measurement spoon, along with our finest quality weight loss products. Contact us after placing the order for you desired flavor, or we will send you the default flavor combo.
YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR GOAL, and we value your choice. NOTE: If you want any specific flavor for any of the product, leave us a message after placing the order. If you don’t, we’ll ship the default flavor for your order. Plus, If you’re not 100% satisfied with our Herbalife products for any reason, our super-friendly customer service is ready to issue an immediate refund or replacements as per your needs.

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