KetoLogic Keto Meal Replacement Shake Powder: Strawberry (20 Servings) – Low Carb, Keto Shake Rich In MCT Oil, Healthy Fats and Whey Protein – Formulated Macros Support Keto Diet & Ketosis

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Our story

How we got our start?

KetoLogic founder, Mike McCandless, wanted to help people improve their lives through diet and nutrition after his mother was diagnosed with cancer. So, he set out to educate people on the benefits of living a ketogenic lifestyle and to provide resources that sustain the keto way of eating.

What makes our product unique?

KetoLogic provides the resources you need to eat better, feel better, and live better. Our products are carefully crafted to support the ketogenic lifestyle, and we provide all the tools you need to succeed, making keto easier than ever.

Why we love what we do?

We love seeing the results of our customers and hearing how their lives have improved through our programs and products.

FUEL YOUR BODY: Our keto shake powder contains grass-fed whey protein and MCT, keeping you full and satiated for hours. KetoMeal is rich, filling, NOT chalky and blends smoothly with water, almond milk and coconut milk making for a convenient fuel source for anyone.
PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: KetoLogic MRP is sugar-free, gluten-free and free of artificial flavors and sweeteners, giving you great tasting natural keto supplements.
PROMOTES KETOSIS: KetoLogic MRP contains MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) which is rapidly absorbed by the body and converted into ketones. This giving you more sustained energy and enhances your ability to get into ketosis.
MADE IN THE USA: KetoLogic provides premium products with the highest quality ingredients and natural flavors so you can feel confident in what you and your family are consuming.

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