Twelve Ways Your Body Tells You to Detox

We hear a lot about detox diets and detox programs. But how can you tell if you really need to go to this extreme? It may seem extreme to change your eating habits completely, but your body sends out extreme messages to let you know that you should do it. When you get up in the morning and can barely walk to the bathroom while you are trying to figure out what you ate last night to make your mouth feel so pasty and taste like metal, your body is talking to you. It is telling you that it needs cleaning out.

Here are twelve ways your body notifies you when it is time to detox:

1. Chronic Illness (sinus, arthritis, headaches, migraines)

2. Bad Breath

3. Bad Body Odor

4. Flatulence

5. Indigestion

6. Skin disorders

7. Prostrate Problems

8. Menstrual Issues

9. Gall Bladder Issues

10. Kidney Infection

11. Allergies

12. Stinky, Putrid Fecal Matter

Any of these twelve “signs” can be a way the body is signaling you that it needs cleaning out. When we deal with these problems day in and day out, we are just complicating matters if we don’t do something. The medical profession does not tell us that we need cleansing. They tell us we need a pill and often those pills are just adding to the toxic buildup in our body. That toxic buildup translates into health problems. Listen to what the body says. Often it is saying “I Need A Detox!” Doing a detox can save both your health and your pocketbook. Why not heed the warning and detox your body!

Source by Glenn Calvert

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