Cellular Detox Vs Colon Cleanse – Is One Truly Better?

Our body is introduced to toxins every day. Toxins are in the processed foods that we eat, in the air that we breath and even in the water that we drink. When these accumulate in the body, they can cause a variety of health problems including aches, pains and disease. Some doctors suggest that these diseases are truly cellular malfunctions. Research indicates that about 95% of diseases are directly caused by cellular toxicities and cellular insufficiency’s.

So how did our bodies get out of shape in terms of health and toxicity? It’s suggested that we start this vicious cycle soon after we are born, with all the vaccinations that take place early in our lives. From there, we fuel the toxins with nutrient deficient diets, environmental and food contaminants, chemicals in our water, toxins in the air and coming into contact with toxins in household items like cosmetics, cleaners, or even soaps and toothpastes.

When these toxins accumulate in the intestines, liver, tissue, blood and cells, essential nutrients can’t be absorbed or penetrate through the cell membrane. This inhibits the cell from maintaining normal functionality and removal of waste, causing the toxicity to progressively get worse. These toxins will start to be reflected throughout the body as weakness, lethargy, pain and even disease.

When it comes to relieving these issues, many people turn to colon cleanses. Colon cleanse systems usually contain enzymes, fibers or laxatives. It’s thought that colon cleanses can clean out your large intestine and remove waste that collects in the intestine. However, these systems don’t have a way of reestablishing healthy cellular function or ensuring that toxins aren’t reintroduced back into your intestine.

Cellular detox is different than a cleanse, because it removes the toxins from your body. Unfortunately, many people suffer from detox symptoms, which are very flu-like, as their cells and body are truly being cleansed of the toxins. As the toxins are released from the cell, it’s important to supplement the body with nutrients to ensure that cellular function is restored. During a cellular cleanse, there is also the removal of the waste. Many cellular cleanse products bind the toxins to ensure there isn’t recirculation of these harmful toxins into the body.

A colon cleanse is, as the the name states, a cleanse. You wash out the waste in the large intestine with the cleanse, but they do little to replenish nutrients or ensure that toxins are safely extracted from the body. A cellular detox goes deep into the cells to heal at the source and reestablish health at the cellular level.

Source by Maggie White

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