Usage of Mudoku Detox Foot Pads

Foot pads which are meant for detoxification are a good option if you want to get rid of toxins from your body. Detoxifying foot pads work like the roots of the trees which soak water from the soil and cleanse it for its own use. The same method is applicable for detox pads meant for foot. They are placed in the acupuncture points of the feet and from there they soak the toxins inside the body thus detoxifying your body. There are different types of detox pads meant for foot available in the market.

The pads made by mudoku, like many other detoxifying pads, are made in Japan. If you want to know the ingredients that the Mudoku detox foot pads are made of then you can look at the back of the pack or search the net. Detoxifying pads work really well when used regularly. They will not only detoxify the system but also give you other benefits. Regular usage of detoxifying pads will increase the metabolism rate of your body, increase your energy level, reduce stress and tiredness, and reduce your body weight making you feel better and healthier.

If you do not know how to use the pads do not worry. It is very simple. You just have to wash your feet thoroughly and dry them out completely. After that you have to simply take out a detoxifying foot pad and attach it to your foot. When you have finished attaching the pad in one foot take out another pad and attach it on the other foot. For maximum result you should put on the detoxifying pads for 8 hours. You should use the detoxifying pads during the night. So that when you wake up in the morning you can throw them off. Do not be scared if you see some reddish brown deposit on your pads. If you see such deposits that only means the pads have worked. The deposits will be deeper in the first few days after which they will become lighter.

If you are curious that whether the application of these detox foot pads hurt or not then I am assuring you that they do no hurt even a little bit.

You can buy Mudoku detox foot pads or Kinoki cleansing detoxifying foot pads online. A box of detox pads generally cost around $15 and they contain around 12 pads.

Source by Satya Narayan Das

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