Finding Your Natural State Through Foot Detoxification

You have had a busy day, so take a minute to daydream with me and imagine those peaceful times that you have spent in nature. When I say nature I mean real nature, not a man-made park– image the times you have spent near a natural body of water such as the lapping waves of the ocean or the peaceful babblings of a creek. Those natural bodies of water make you feel like a new person, you are both refreshed and cleansed. The water actually creates positive ions that promote healing and well-being in those organisms around it.

Our health is actually determined by energy– the positive and negative balances in our body affect how healthy we are at the time. As we are near negatively charged toxins they build up in our bodies, and unfortunately our world is full of these negative ions. There are many things in our daily lives that cause this toxin accumulation: stress, pollution, chemicals and preservatives in our food.

Our health declines as we accumulate more toxins in our bodies. Some of the negative side effects of these toxins include: joint aching, weakening immune systems, chronic pain, and lack of energy. But, we are lucky to have a resource available to us to help assist our bodies with the natural healing process: using a detox foot bath will cleanse your body of the negative toxins.

Using a detox foot bath will help your body balance the positive and negative energies because it will remove the harmful negative toxins. The detoxification process is both effective and gentle– the negative toxins will be drawn out through the reflexology points in your feet because of the positive charged ions in the water. Your body will push out those toxins and deposit them in the water as your feet are soaking.

The natural process of osmosis is what allows your body to cleanse itself. Your body will be given the energy from the positively charged water– it will break up blockages in your lymphatic system and release the harmful toxins. Your pH levels will gently be increased and you will see that your health quickly improves because you are back to your natural, balanced state.

Using the detox foot bath on a regular basis will help you return to this balanced state because you will cleanse your body and allow the natural healing processes to occur. Your overall health will improve and you will find that you will have better focus and increased energy.

Source by Sydnie Andrus

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