Is the Ab Circle Pro Worth the Cost? A Question That Many Interested People Ask

The cost of the Ab Circle Pro is tough for some to handle. At a price tag of over $200 it can make it a harder decision to buy this product. There is a great debate if this product is a scam or the real deal. I am not going to discuss this debate in this article but rather discuss if the $200 is real value or a money grab.

First, the machine is made of a metal alloy which makes for a lighter weight. Having a lighter weight makes this machine more portable and easy to move.

Second, there are some complaints about the knee pads on the machine is causing users pain. Some people have used added padding to combat this problem while others have stopped using the machine. The company could change the padding to a softer material but that simply depend if the market demands it.

Third, the exercise does what it is suppose to. The machine works the abs and midsection. The claims about your thighs getting a workout might be a little stretched. You have to consider that the positioning of your body does not fully allow the use the legs to get a complete leg workout. The three minutes a day claim is also a little off. If you are starting off using this product for the first time then yes three minutes a day is a good start. If you are looking for a cardio workout then three minutes a day needs to be extended to 15-30 minutes.

The Ab Circle Pro cost is a little much however when compared to other machines of similar nature the price seems to be fair. One thing to consider is this machine should be integrated into a complete workout program. Using this machine alone will not deliver the six-pack abs that the infomercials will have you think. If adding this to your workout program is your intentions then it seems to be a fair price for the product you get.

Source by Sara Freeman

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