3 Killer Exercises That Target the Elusive Lower Abs

Trying to build six-pack abs, but you just can’t get your lower abs to stand out? There are two things you can do to get past this.

Strategy number one involves going on a diet, taking supplements, and working out a lot to burn excess body fat.

Strategy number two, which we will focus on today, involves building up your lower abs so they bust through any excess body fat on your midsection. (Of course, this won’t help at all if you have not at least attempted strategy number one beforehand.)

Try these three exercises to get ripped lower abs in a limited amount of time:

Six Inches

I first learned this in gym class as a child. It’s simple, yet effective.

Lie on your back with your arms and legs flat on the floor. You can have your hands at your sides or underneath your lower back for support.

Then simply lift your feet “six inches” off the floor and hold this position. Do three sets of 30-second holds, and move on to the next exercise.

The Reverse Crunch

Here is an exercise with a motion very similar to the typical abdominal crunch, except that you are doing it backwards.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and legs in the air. Have your arms at your sides.

Now lift your hips and legs off the floor by contracting your abs. Focus on your lower abs to make sure they get the most benefit. Hold for one second, lower, and repeat. Do two sets of 20 repetitions and move on.

(Note: Do this slowly so you use your abs the whole time instead of using momentum to help lift.)

Hanging Leg Lifts

If you have a pull-up bar or a Captains’ chair, now is the time to use it.

You want to hang from your arms, with your legs hanging together. Contract your lower abs and lift your legs so they are perpendicular to your body. (Or lift your knees if that is too hard.)

Hold the position for a brief second, lower your legs slowly, and repeat.

This is the last exercise, so do as many as possible to finish the workout.

Overall, this is a quick and effective workout routine. Beginners can use it alone, while more experienced athletes can combine it with other routines on the same day. To progress even further, you can add ankle weights to each exercise. (Instead of doing endless repetitions as your abs become stronger, try to add weight for more resistance. 25 crunches with extra resistance is better than 250 crunches without added resistance.)

Source by Levi Bloom

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