Carb Cycling Meal Plan – Learn the Importance of Protein in the Carb Cycling Diet

There are many carb cycling meal plans out there, however, not all of them are going to have the foods that you like on them. So, maybe it’s time to create one of your own. Here I will show you what types of foods, and why they should be going into your meal plans.

The carb cycling meal plans are best done on a 6 meal a day plan, this way you will have enough food to fuel you, and keep your metabolism up, which is very important in this diet.

There are 3 basic days in the carb cycling diet:

– High Carb Day

– Low Carb Day

– No Carb Day

On the high carb day, you are going to have 4 meals out of 6 which will contain as many carbs as you want. Just remember to mix it up with some lean proteins such as:

– white chicken/turkey meat

– tuna fish (canned)

– protein shakes with at least 40 – 50g of protein in them. Remember, you will want to go 1g / 1 lbs of body weight when you consume protein. This will help maintain your muscle definition.

– cottage cheese

– and egg whites.

Those are the best proteins you can consume during your run of the carb cycling diet.

On the low carb day, you cut back on the carbs to only a limited 3 meals with any carbs at all. All others will have none, just lots of lean proteins, and veggies. Your proteins are very important on this day, as they will be a major part of your diet, so don’t skimp out.

On the no carb day you are going to have NO to LITTLE carb intake at all. Most of the carbs will come from the veggies, or protein that you will eat through out the day.

As you can see through out those 3 basic cycle days, you have to keep up your protein intake. This is what feeds your muscles, without it, you lose them, and your metabolism drops like a rock. Since keeping your metabolism up through out the diet is the key to making it work then that would mean that eating your proper intake of protein is the key to the whole thing.

Without the proper protein intake at 1g / 1 lbs of body weight, the carb cycling meal plan will be null and void. Because without it, there is no metabolism, because there is no muscle to start it up. So while on the carb cycling diet, please keep up the required intake of protein, this way, you will actually stand a chance in reaching your goal of a nicely defined body.

Source by Samantha Adams

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