What Are The Best Exercises To Get Great Abs Fast?

Do you want to learn the most effective exercises to help you get great abs? The first thing to note is that targeted ab training alone would not help you get the ripped abs that you want, as you will also need to lose overall fat in your body to get six pack abs. A combination of the right diet and workout program is also needed to get great abs.

Which Are The Most Effective Ab Exercises?

1. Barbell Rollout

Start off by kneeling on the floor, and put a barbell in front of you. Grab the barbell with both your hands using an overhand grip, keeping your hands at shoulder width apart. Remember to keep your back flat at all times during this exercise. Slowly roll the barbell forward as far as you can reach, and you should feel your abs contracting. Roll the barbell back to the starting position to complete one rep of this exercise. Each set of this exercise should consist of 10 reps.

2. Abdominal Scissors

Start by lying on the floor facing upwards. Keep your feet straight and hands straight over your head. Raise your legs and hands upwards together and move them as far as possible. Your legs and arms should cross over each other with every rep like the action of a scissors.

3. Hanging Leg Raise

This is perhaps the most challenging but most useful abdominal exercise which beginners may find difficult to perform. Start by holding onto a horizontal bar over your head, keeping your feet suspended off the ground. Curl your legs up towards your head, and try not to bend your back. Once your legs are over your head, return your legs slowly back down to its starting position. If you find that this exercise is too difficult, an alternative is to bend just your knees towards your chest, which should be easier to perform.


The exercises above are very effective for ab strengthening, but keep in mind that getting great abs also requires a good diet and fat loss program. Check out the website below to learn a full abs training program.

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