4 Myths About Ab Exercises

Training your abs with the right program will give you results in no time. What may be necessary other than working out is feeding your body with the healthiest choice of diet-fibrous, nutritious and low-fat.

There are notions, however, that may have guided health buffs on how to do their abs exercises. Others may be right, a few may be erroneous. Whatever they believe in, these 4 myths about abs exercises must make sense in helping them do the appropriate things:

1.Abs exercises will give best results if done every day. This myth is risky. Just like training your biceps and triceps, abs exercises may wear out muscles of done without rest. They all apply the same degree of quick to slow twitching of muscles. Don’t you know your muscles develop during rest periods, thus doing your abs exercises every day will shortchange yourself of consequences. Besides, you are just breaking down your muscles if you work on them daily.

2.Training your abs delivers flat tummy. It must be noted that when you perform any workout routine, it’s all areas of the body that burn fat. You cannot simply reduce fat in your stomach if you just do abs exercises. You need to do cardio routine for 45 minutes to 1 hour to shed off fats and eventually get that flat tummy. Abs exercises develop muscles, so if you only do them without cardio, tendency is that your fat will be lying underneath the muscles. Burn the fat first and develop muscles after.

3.Placing your hands behind your head will support your body when you do the crunches. This is untrue. You never should place your hands close to your head as may tend to flex the neck muscles instead of contracting abdominal muscles. If you do this, you will trigger risks for your neck muscles like straining and wearing them out especially when the repetitions begin to be more difficult. Your hands and elbows must cross each other in front of your chest instead. You can also place your fist at your ears.

4.The lower and upper abs muscles are separately situated. Again, this doesn’t speak of truth. The abs is one long sheet of muscle. Upper and lower muscles aren’t separate. Whatever abs exercises you are executing, they target all abdominal spots. Although there are specific routines that aim more attention to the lower or upper abs, but still they aren’t separate. To focus the upper abs, you can do crunch that takes the chest toward your pelvic. To target the lower abs, you can do leg and butt raises.

These myths should tell you what to do and what not. It’s best that you take note of them so that you aren’t risking yourself as try to get your six-pack abs in a period of time.

Source by Jesse Miller

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