The Five Best Ways to Permanent Weight Loss

Do you know that in every three persons undergoing a diet, one person will end up increasing his or her weight after the diet program? The reason why they end up increasing their weight is because they tend not to eat enough which leads to a slower metabolism. Soon they will get tired of following the diet plan and will just decide to eat those restricted foods, thus gaining again all the pounds they lost undergoing the program.

Certain types of diets that restrict your food choices can lead to failure and having disorders like anorexia and bulimia nervosa.

The right steps on doing balanced diet:

• Eat five meals a day. Start off with a fiber full breakfast followed by a mid morning meal. Keep each meal light. Try making protein shakes as a meal. Add olive oil, fruits, yogurt, etc to keep it healthy and nutritious.

• Reduce your fat intake. The conversion of fat to calories is about 9 grams of calories per 1 gram of fat and because of that reason fat is considered the highest source of calories. You must remember to avoid eating foods that are fried.

• Reduce your sugar intake. Sugar can be found in so many foods that are processed and found in most snack aisles in your grocery store.

• Eat foods that are rich in fiber. Fiber gives a feeling of fullness in your stomach which helps reduce your appetite and will also help to speed up your metabolism.

• Try to reduce your salt intake. Try to avoid using too much of salt and avoid putting it on your table while you are eating.

• Stay away from any foods that are high in carbohydrates such as pasta, both white and whole wheat. Stick to barley or brown rice instead.

Source by John Ayer Bantayan

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