Top Weight Loss Diet – "PROTEINOPIA"

So what is the top weight loss diet? Well, it’s “PROTEINOPIA”… duh. You say you’ve never heard of it before? Well, here’s your first glimpse of it. You might want to remain seated as you read this… you’re in for a delicious surprise.

Top Weight Loss Diet – The ProteinOpia Method

First the name. I call it PROTEINOPIA because this diet is based around protein. The bulk of your diet is protein. So it’s like a protein UTOPIA.

Know this: Protein has natural metabolism-boosting properties. This basically means you burn more calories while doing nothing. One other key component about protein… when taken with carbs, it helps block the immediate absorption of simple sugars into your bloodstream. This prevents spikes in your blood sugar.

So back to this high protein diet.

What I want you to do is have 6 small meals a day. This is easy because 3 of the “meals” will be protein shakes. So now you’re down to 3 meals with food.

For breakfast, focus the meal around eggs. Some black beans on the side will add even more protein as well as much needed fiber.

For lunch, focus the meal around chicken, tuna, salmon, or turkey. A good idea is to put one of those on a bed of lettuce and treat it like a salad.

For dinner, focus the meal around a lean red meat. You can have 1-2 vegetables on the side…. NOT including potatoes.

Here’s the key thing I want you to remember regardless of if you’re having a protein shake or food… make sure you have at least 20 grams of protein in any meal you have.

These are just general parameters to think about. Use your common-sense and base meals off these ideals. There is plenty of flexibility built into this. If you’re looking for quick weight loss, try this top weight loss diet out and see for yourself why high protein diets such as these are used by many dieters.

Source by Jennifer Jolan

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