What Causes Shaking When You Also Have Candidiasis?

So my friend’s husband, John, has experienced the shakes. Both John and his wife (Lucy) are pretty sure that he has some form of candidiasis and he says his body has been shaking so much lately that he can’t concentrate at work. His chair vibrates. It’s almost like his body is humming.

So she remembers reading somewhere that this can be one of the many symptoms of the yeast infection. She would be interested to hear my input for the shakes. She thought that maybe this is a die-off reaction.

He’s been taking the ‘Yeast Busters’ regime for almost 6 months now, with not much of a diet change. They are already vegetarians, and he’s lactose and gluten intolerant.

The description above is quite common for candida sufferers, as matter as fact I have met two cases with similar condition described above.

What I can say to her is I didn’t exactly have the shakes when I got candida, but I got a buzz/hum/vibration over my entire body. I have many food intolerance’s and found that when I went on an elimination diet the buzz/hum went away.

I still get this sometimes as I am still trying to find out all of my food intolerance’s, but I keep becoming sensitive to different foods. I am now trying to find out why I suddenly became sensitive to so many foods. But, one of my friend, David, he has this symptom.

He used to get the shakes, and after some months of being on treatment and diet for candida, he had an allergy test done. The shakes he was getting were a reaction to allergens he was introducing to his body by way of foods. As he has eliminated those foods, the shakes are gone.

There are different ways of testing for allergies, some people will recommend to go the acupuncture way, others won’t. The one I had done is called Elisa/Act, and it was done with blood samples.

Source by Angie Lindsey

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