Wu Yi – The Health Tea

Wu Yi tea production started in the 15th century in the Fujian province of China. Wu Yi tea leaves are partially oxidized after harvesting which gives the tea it’s unique taste. 

Wu Yi tea although coming under some negative reports lately can still show that scientific studies reveal that the drinking of Wu Yi  tea helps to raise the bodies metabolism which can help to burn off those extra calories.

Wu Yi tea contains more Polyphenols than other teas and it this product that aids significantly in raising the bodies metabolism.

The fact that Wu Yi tea is from Asian origin, and that the majority of Asians are much slimmer than their European and American counterparts, leads many people to believe that the drinking of these teas is the sole reason. Whilst diet tea does play their part it must be understood that Asian diets are very different to those of the Western population, which tend to be higher in protein and red meats, whereas the Asian diets are considerably more vegetable based and their cooking methods such as fast stir frying means that more goodness is retained in the food. Asians are known to have less stress related ailments such as heart diseases and certain cancers and their diet could be one of the main reasons for this.

If you are keen to lose weight and improve your long term health then taking a closer look at how and what the Asians eat and drink could be a step in the right direction.

Real weight loss will only work with real changes in lifestyle such as eating much healthier foods and embarking on a regular exercise regime. The drinking of Wu Yi tea as part of a healthier diet plan can help to give you a feeling of overall improvement by:

  •     Helping to eliminate the harmful build up of toxins in the body.
  •     Helping to maintain healthier cholesterol levels
  •     Helping to boost your immune system.
  •     Helping to improve the clarity of your skin.
  •     Helping to improve your energy levels.

And don’t forget it’s a totally natural and organic product.

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