Can Herbalife Prolessa Duo Unique Formula Help With Weight Loss?

Herbalife’s Prolessa Duo is a unique formula of all natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to provide two solutions to the challenge of weight loss, it “curbs hunger and it reduces fat!” Backed by the power of science, this remarkable blend helps to significantly lower caloric intake. And, less calories… means less fat!

Herbalife’s Prolessa Duo’s unique formula creates a feeling of fullness called satiety, or a sense of being satisfied. It’s this sense of fullness that eliminates those annoying cravings that are the downfall of most dieters. Lasting for up to 8 hours, this sense of satiety helps dieters to easily avoid the unhealthful snacks that add calories and excess pounds to unwanted places on our bodies.

It’s NOT A Lack of Will Power!

For as long as I can remember, people with a weight problem have been thought to possess a “strong lack of will power.” And, it was this lack of will power that led to constant over-eating and snacking. But, today we know different. Today we know that it’s the “power of the body” that sends signals to the brain telling us to eat. And, the body will do this when it is not receiving all the “proper nutrition” it needs.

An unfortunate condition of being human is that the body won’t tell us “what to eat” when it is not getting proper nutrition, it just tells us to “eat.” So, it falls upon our own knowledge and experience to feed our bodies nutritious meals that will stop the body from demanding more food.

Just “The 2 of Us”

Prolessa Duo is a companion product to Herbalife’s Formula 1 meal replacement shake. It’s meant to be added to a shake that is already mixed, and “together” these products provide a complete and nutritious low calorie meal with all the vitamins, minerals and natural herbs that the body requires. And, when the body has all the nutrition it needs PLUS a feeling of satiety… well, that’s a one – two punch that eliminates cravings for up to 8 hours, or until your next nutritious meal.

A meal that is scientifically formulated to give the body everything it requires is the first step provided by the Formula 1 meal replacement shake. And then, with the addition of Prolessa Duo, comes the feeling of fullness that provides a confident assurance that you can go about your day without feeling hungry and without annoying cravings.

Herbalife’s Prolessa Duo’s unique formula offers a proprietary blend of natures best ingredients that have no side effects and also helps to burn fat from the places we DON’T want it… for women; the hips and lower abdomen, and for men; the waist area.

Source by Stefano Higgins

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