Is Forever Living Products A Great Opportunity Or A Bad Joke?

Forever Living Products is a direct selling company from Scottsdale, Arizona. It has been around for a long time – since 1978 – and so you would think it must be a legit company that offers a good opportunity. But surprisingly not everyone agrees, so what is the truth? Is the company a big scam?

Forever Living – The Good

Forever Living Products sell a wide range of health and wellness products including nutritional supplements, weight-management solutions, cosmetics, skin care, and drinks. This is a very crowded market place with the likes of Herbalife, Amway, MonaVie, Wowgreen, and Oriflame all competing for space, but Forever Living Products is older than all of these companies except Amway, so it must be doing something right

Forever Living – The Ugly Truth

So why is it that people criticize the company? In truth it is more to do with the marketing systems deployed by their Distributors than their products. It is a sad but true fact that most network marketers fail to make a profit because they use an outdated marketing system. Pitching to your friends and family members on your product, service, and opportunity might have worked in the 1950s and 1960s, but it doesn’t work any more.

These days, it takes real marketing knowledge to be successful with Forever Living, and asking your friends and family to “do you a favor” is no longer effective. You need business acumen and the ability to sell your product, service, and opportunity.

So if you don’t know the art and science of marketing in the 21st century then I highly recommend that you learn it before you enrol with Forever Living Products. The company can be a great opportunity, but only if you have enough skills to make the most of it.

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Source by Joshua Fuson

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