ITP Blood Disease – Free Radicals, Inflammation and Your Vitamins (Part One)

If you have ITP blood disease and low platelet levels you might want to consider if those expensive vitamins that you are taking could be right for you. Research is now showing that those vitamins and mineral supplements may in fact be helping your ITP blood disease to get worse. There is now scientific evidence that everyday vitamin and mineral supplements are actually generating a massive amount of free radicals, which in turn increases inflammation of the body. This definitely has an effect on your ITP blood disorder.

Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, (ITP), a relatively obscure auto immune disease, with no known “cures”, only certain conventional medical treatments to stabilize platelet levels, is most likely triggered by too much inflammation in the body. It is now recognized by the medical community that it is in fact this chronic inflammation which is responsible for the breakdown of the immune system. Inflammation can be caused by many things such as exposure to chemicals, viruses, stress etc.

But what does this have to do with the vitamins that you take? Vitamin and mineral supplements are supposed to be good for you and help heal the body. And I’m sure you are doing everything in your power to combat your ITP blood disorder.

In theory, they are good for us. But there are vitamins, and there are vitamins, and not all vitamins are created equal. In fact, for some time now, it has been suspected by many medical practitioners, both conventional and alternative, that the vitamin and mineral supplements available on the market are not all they are cracked up to be.

Vitamin and mineral supplements were always thought highly of as antioxidants that fight free radicals. It has been acknowledged that antioxidants are extremely important in keeping the free radicals, which are created in the body, from running rampant. This is so important because free radicals damage the cells on a molecular level and have been linked to ill health. Free radicals are also considered one of the main reasons why we age.

Finally, there is documented scientific evidence that this is definitely the case, and that your vitamins could actually be triggering your inflammation problems, which in turn can lead to autoimmune disorders such s ITP blood disease. Earlier last year some of the world’s most renown free radical scientists confirmed this. They did exhaustive testing and also confirmed that there is virtually only one vitamin and mineral supplement that has an extremely high success rate with lessening free radical production, as compared to traditional vitamin and mineral delivery systems such as Sulfate, Oxide, (EG: Centrum and One a Day), Gluconate (GNC, Herbalife, Usana), and Chelate (Pharmanex). This delivery system is called “Oligofructose Complex” and is exclusively manufactured by a Company called Melaleuca. No one else will be able to use this delivery system as there is a patent pending by this company.

What this means for the supplement industry is huge. Don’t waste your money on supplements that might be increasing your inflammation, which in turn may be triggering your ITP blood disease. Do your homework and supplement your diet with products that can help heal.

Source by Maggi Pier

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