Prosperity Central Review – New MLM Marketing System Goes Live – Facts About Prosperity Central

Networx Online, a leading systems provider in the network marketing industry, has just launched its first universal, fully customizable marketing system.

It has been a long time coming. Networx Online has created and managed over 65 MLM marketing systems over the span of nine years. They are considered the BEST when it comes to prospecting systems and contact managers. Top distributors in companies such as Xango, Zrii, Herbalife, Shaklee, Pre-paid Legal, Freelife, Yoli, and many more use Networx Online as their preferred choice for marketing systems.

Online MLM marketing systems have been a pretty big hit lately. There are many to choose from including: Mike Dillard’s, Magnetic Sponsoring or Ann Sieg’s, Renegade Marketing or Daegan Smith’s, Power Prospecting, and the list goes one.

However, most of these marketing systems focus solely on Internet marketers. They are referred to as funded proposals. In theory, you are supposed to sell an eBook up front and then market your primary network marketing opportunity on the back-end. In reality, they are nothing more than glorified affiliate programs.

Networx Online says that according to their statistics over 97% of people in network marketing have no idea how to market their business online. They are looking for a simple, customizable marketing system that is easy to use and allows them to put their link on social networking sites, their business cards, or simply send an email to everyone they know with their website link. The key is that most people want a system that they can customize to their own unique opportunity and integrate it with their company’s replicating site.

There is not one MLM marketing system that is simple, easy to use, fully customizable, personalized, and effective (not to mention, advanced enough for the expert as well). In other words, there is quite a big gap between the “funded proposal’s” and practical, usable marketing systems that anyone can plug into.

About one year ago, Networx Online decided it was time to create their first universal, fully customizable marketing system. They saw a HUGE need in the market and realized that nobody was more capable than them of filling that need.

Prosperity Central is the name of the new system. It is “one of a kind” and is going to create quite a buzz in the network marketing industry.

What makes this new marketing system so unique:

1. Fully customizable — Up until now, most team leaders in network marketing had to pay anywhere from $2500 to $20,000 to create a decent, customized marketing system that they could offer their team. Prosperity Central (PC) allows a team leader to customize their own lead capture pages, and upload their own training to their back office. They literally are able to create their OWN version of a marketing system and send it to their entire team to use.

2. Two tier commission — Networx Online has decided to pay HUGE commissions just for referring this marketing system to other network marketers. Not only is this system going to help you in your primary network marketing business but it is a HUGE opportunity for you to make some good money from people outside your network marketing company!

3. Personalized — Networx understands that the Internet is getting more personal. That is why this new marketing system will allow distributors to personalize some of their marketing pages so that they can build trust with their prospects.

There are three membership levels.

1. The premier membership: The highest membership (most bang for your buck) is $50/month. There is absolutely no other MLM marketing system in the industry that has so much value for $50. In fact, Networx Online was originally thinking of making the premium membership $200. But, they wanted this membership to be attainable for any team leader. This membership gives a leader the ability to customize their own version for their team.

2. The professional membership: This is $25/month. It will give a person access to everything but the most advanced features of the system.

3. The basic membership: This is FREE. A network marketing team leader can customize their own version of the system and then offer it for FREE to their entire downline. And their distributors can use a basic version of the system (including any customized lead capture pages) for FREE!

Bottom line, this new MLM marketing system called Prosperity Central is the answer we’ve all been waiting for. You will not be disappointed.

Source by Dave Vass

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