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A good friend of mine came to me a little while back to look into a new project he is working on, One24. Now if somebody spams me trying to get me to look at the next great deal, I am not going to look at it. However, if a friend of mine approaches me and asks me to give an opinion, I’ll at least review it if I have the time. There is a lesson to be learned in that; always remember that we are in a relationship business, and nobody likes to get spammed.

The opportunity that Tom came to me with, “One 24,” is a new nutritional company that was founded by Mark Seyforth, a genius marketer that has been an active player in the Network Marketing industry for years. Mark aided in the launch of Herbalife, and truly is an industry innovator. He has developed a new compensation plan with One 24, that is quite unique.

Rather than going out there to “recruit the world,” distributors are only allowed to recruit 1 person per month for 24 months. The only exception to this is during the “Gold Rush.” This is on the 24th of every month when everybody that didn’t recruit their 1 releases an open position to the reps that have.

Due to the fact that people can only recruit one new rep per month, when you refer someone to the program, they are put on a “waiting list;” they can’t join until a position becomes available. The positive thing this creates is posture; there is something magical about telling someone they can’t have something. This is a classic sales “Take Away,” and it makes one want it more. A lot of people make the mistake of puking their MLM on their contacts; this structured system forces you to have a level of posture because if someone is interested they have to go on the “Waiting List.”

There are no start up costs, and the product, “Nature Burst,” a whole food nutritional supplement, is only $60 a month. I have no idea if the product is any good, but hey, lets be real; there are a lot of companies out there that people make millions with that have a junk product.

So can you make money with One 24? Yes, you can, you just can’t make a lot of money fast; it is designed to be a structured system that will make you successful over a period of 24 months: hence the name “One 24.” This stands for One recruit per month, for 24 months to have success.

Is One 24 a scam? I don’t think so, Mark Seyforth is and industry innovator with a great track record, and I think that he will drive the company to success. It is certainly not the most lucrative opportunity that I have ever seen, but it is meant to be a simple system that anyone can follow to have results.

The marketing advantages of “the product” are a little on the weak side for a couple of reasons. First of all it just really isn’t unique, at least as far as I can tell. In network marketing, it helps a company a lot to have first mover advantage. The product itself doesn’t have first mover advantage, but the company does have that edge with their compensation plan.

From a personal standpoint, I’m not a huge fan of nutritional companies in the first place. There are over 4,800 health and wellness opportunities in network marketing, with new ones popping up every day. Most of them go out of business before being two years old, so you can build a downline and an income and then lose it over night.

After reviewing One 24, I really have no idea whether or not they are going to “make it off the ground floor.” However, Mark Seyforth is a brilliant innovator, so they do have a great chance; he believes that his new revolutionary compensation plan will make the company go viral. He may be right, and if he is, the company is truly at the ground floor and could offer a great income for those that decide to act quickly.

They have been around for nearly a year now, and still seem to be growing strong; however, most Network Marketing start up companies do go under in the first 2 years.

I won’t be joining One 24, and after reviewing it I honestly have no idea whether or not jumping on it would be a smart plan. The biggest positive point that I have to offer is that it is very inexpensive to test drive it. Therefore, giving it a run isn’t going to hurt your bank account, and it just may seriously improve it.

If you are going to join One24, I recommend branding yourself rather than the company, and building as large of a list as possible. If the company doesn’t make it off the ground, you will then have a list of qualified prospects that look to you for leadership.

Source by Aki Wood

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