Crazyfox Review – Is Crazy Fox A Scam?

Have you seen the Crazyfox infomercial? Have you thought of picking up your phone and ordering their $10 starter kit? Have you tried to find a crazyfox review but couldn’t find any?

I am glad you did not fall for it right away. Many consider crazy fox scam, but can crazyfox really make you rich? The answer is quite simple – NO.

So what is crazyfox?

Crazyfox website and TV ad do not give any information on what the whole program is about… After weeks of research the truth finally came out and this was the reason of writing a crazyfox review.

Crazy Fox is associated with Herbalife (which has been around for YEARS and recently was fined $150 000 by Canadian authorities for Illegal Pyramid-like scheme).

Once you pay the $9.99 fee to Crazyfox – they send you the starter package, which isn’t actually a package of any kind. It’s a booklet telling you how great it would be to become financially free, to never have a boss again and so on…

Then the real fun begins. You start getting calls from Herbalife representatives who are trying to sell all these amazing deals at $200, $500, $1000 and more. They tell you that you have made an amazing choice and you are on your way to wealth…

Since crazyfox sells your personal information to third parties, you will also start getting calls from insurance brokers, credit card companies, telephone companies and many others. They will all tell you: “We have been notified that you are starting a home business, you might be interested in our new Business Telephone Line, Business Credit Card… etc – and it never ends, needless to say that you will not make single dime with these guys.

Crazyfox Review sites pop up now and than, but crazy fox scam team tries to shut them down or at least make them look “fake”. However, they never tell you about the fine print at the bottom of the screen which pops up for couple of second during the infomercial:

“There are no guarantees of specific income nor are there any representations of actual income. Amounts stated are for illustrative purposes only and are not typical. Persons depicted are paid actors.”

Unfortunately most of the people do not read the tiny letters on the TV screen and fall for a good looking TV ad actor who claims to make $5 000 a day without putting in any effort.

Source by Alexandre Sol

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