3 Ab Exercises to Grow Taller!

If there’s one area of concern most of us have as far as our physical image goes, it’s without a doubt our abs.

Many people are apathetic to the concept of having large muscles, many actually finding excessive muscles to be a turn off. But no one questions the appeal of a nice set of six pack abs. Sure some people may also find a little keg for a stomach kind of cute, but for the most part, that beer belly has got to go if you plan on showing off your stomach in public.

There’s good news on the abs workout front, in so far as it relates to growing taller, and that is that abs workouts often have the benefit of increasing your height over time.

This is because the majority of abs workouts also give the spine and lower back a great workout as well, and this is the key area to target and lengthen out when looking to gain height.

Your lower back in particular is the beneficiary of increased muscle mass, which offsets the effects of spinal compression, lengthening your spine.

Let’s look at three such abs exercises which also do a great job of targeting the lower back as well.

1) Lower Ab Crunch – This should be performed lying down, preferably on a decline bench if you have one, but a flat bench is also fine. Bring your knees slowly up towards your chest, as close to your mid or upper body as you can. Especially while on a decline bench you’ll feel the great workout that this gives to your abdominal area.

2) Lying Crunch – Very similar to traditional sit-ups, but much more compact and targeted. Lie down on the ground with your feet up in the air, either resting on a chair or bench, or anchored against the wall. Now with your hands behind your head, make a traditional sit-up move, lifting yourself off the ground a short distance.

You’re only rising up a short distance, rather than performing a full sit-up move. Your abs will fully contract during this routine, and these moves can be repeated quickly, giving your abs a fast and very targeted workout. For added effect you can increase the tension on your abs by holding your glutes as you perform this move.

3) Back Hyperextensions – Lie down flat near the edge of a surface so that your upper body is extended over the edge, giving your torso free reign to swing up and down freely. Slowly lower yourself down so that your head is near to, or touches the ground, then raise yourself back up to parallel. This gives both your back and abs a tremendous workout, especially on the rise back up.

These abs workout can flatten your tummy and lengthen your spine in no time flat, giving you the confidence to both show off your stomach, and get out of those heightening shoes in one fell swoop.

Source by Rodney Williams

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