Does Being Thin Make You More Attractive?

A lot of people would say, yes, being thin does make you more attractive, especially on a subjective level. Due to this widely held opinion, many people want to lose weight for superficial reasons. That is to be expected in this culture that prizes youth and beauty above all else, especially for women.

I can tell you my reasons for wanting to lose weight: I wanted to look good and feel sexy. However, after I reached my goal weight, the same old insecurities were there. Oh, I did feel sexier and I did feel better about myself, but lurking just beneath the surface were those old anxieties about feeling dowdy and unattractive.

I can remember a trip to a resort in Palm Springs that my husband and I took while I was still overweight. I was not at my heaviest, but I was pretty heavy at the time and I can recall easily being the heaviest woman there. I was mortified the entire time, and the worst part of it was when the owners, (it was a very small resort,) took all the guests out to dinner and we had to put on some semi-nice casual clothing for the outing. Well, the other women were dressed in cute little outfits and there I was in my size large top with my size large shorts, and I felt so unattractive that I wanted to cry. It was my feelings on this trip that compelled me to lose weight.

Today I am slim and trim, but that fat girl is still inside me. She whispers to me that I am still not slim enough to be attractive, and I have to fight her. I have to say to her that the new slim me is just a healthier version of her, not a more attractive one, and therefore, we are both attractive. 

I fight her on a daily basis, that overweight me, and it is my hope that one day I will actually believe, at the core level of me, that I am attractive, regardless of my size. Until then, I will remain at the mercy of the almighty scale.

Losing weight is a good thing, and yes, it can help you feel sexier, but know that regardless of your size, you are sexy, and beautiful, and attractive. Lose weight for you and you alone, and while its OK to want that flat stomach to feel sexy in a bikini, realize that how you look in that bikini does not define you or make you any more worthy than you were prior to your weight loss.

Source by Kathy McGraw

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